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How Do You Know Your Training is Working?


How do you know your training is working? In fact, what does ‘working’ mean to you? A founder of one of the companies I worked for told me that he believed training was just a recruiting tool. Do you think so?

Ask yourself these questions. I think you can get a much bigger bang for the buck out of your training than you are settling for.

Training for Specific Target Markets

Career Life Cycle cropped

Put your various training programs in their prospective parts of the career life cycle. Do you see an imbalance? Do you need to shore up portions of your training curriculum to meet the needs of your unmet target markets (your agents in each career life cycle phase)?. It’s very common that real estate company have only programs for new agents.


Deciding What’s in the Program

How do you decide on curriculum? Is it what agents want? What managers want?

Is the training focused on solving your biggest challenges? (not enough lead generation, over-priced listings, etc.)

Do you survey agents/managers regularly concerning the topics and contents of your training?

Measuring It

Do you measure results? How?

Do you measure increased business activity? Increased business results?

Do you survey after every module?

Do you survey 6 months after the training to see what was really effective?

Monitoring It

Do you regularly monitor sessions to assure the instructors are competent? Following the outline? Using participative teaching methods?

Do you regularly provide instructor training updates, to assure your instructors are improving all the time?

Do you require potential instructors to go through a step-by-step process to become qualified? (observe, teach with, be observed by)


What do the students need to do to get into a program?

What do they have to do to stay in the program?

What do they have to do to ‘graduate’ from the program?

Do you inspect their work during the program?

Continuation Inside the Office

Do you have action plans and coaching programs that attach to the curriculum in the training room?

What are managers expected to do after the training program?

What are agents expected to do after the training program?

Training Can Be So Much More–and Can Do So Much More for You

Based on your answers to these questions, what do you want to improve in your training to make it more than a recruiting tool? Training can be much more:

  • A team building tool
  • A productivity-improving tool
  • An attitudinal tool
  • A retention tool

Make yours all of those!

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