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Ten Steps to Help Your Agent Adjust to Today’s Market


Have your seasoned agents adjusted to the market today, or are they still working the market of yesteryear? A�The hot market broughtA�agents happyA�sales a�?accidentsa��, andA�they capably helped those people buy and sell. But, in a challenging market, people dona��t just a�?turn themselves ina��. Ita��s time forA�agents to get a�?on purposea��.A� A�

A�You, the Coach: Helping Them Get ‘On Purpose’

Have you given your agentsthe ammunition to change from a�?on accidenta�� to a�?on purpose? Here are 10 questions that will reveal whether agentshave the plan and the support to pullA�themselves out of that slump and provide the insurance plan that allows themto thrivea��no matter the market:

A�1.A�A�Do I have a a�?start-upa�� plana��a plan that tells me what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and why to do it? (Or, do I just come to the office and a�?go with the flowa��)

2. Am I waiting for someone to tell me what to do each day, or do I have focus and purpose with my plan? (it doesna��t work to ask your manager what to do each day, and, as a newer agent just told me, your manager answers, a�?Mail some postcards.a�? You wouldna��t expect a Starbucks franchise to a�?guidea�� the new franchisee that way, and youa��re not going to get a business start with that kind of A�piecemeal a�?advicea��!)

3. Do I have a daily schedule that is prioritized with the business actions most important to me to assure I make money? (If youa��re just relying on your office for its floor time and meeting schedule, you arena��t in the business!)

4. Do I know the best methods of lead generationa��and how to implement them? (You cana��t wait for a�?traininga�� that starts in 3 months to start your business!)

5. Do I know the numbers? (how many contacts does it take to get a lead, how many leads to get an appointment, how many appointments to get a listing, showing, how many showings to get a sale, how many marketable listings will sell) (If you dona��t, you are destined to be an a�?on accidenta�� agenta��only selling someone something when the stars are aligned).

6. Do I know how long it will take to get a sale? To get a listing? To get a listing sold? (so you can project your income) (New agents tend to wait, and wait, and wait, to get into the business a�?streama��, thinking that there is no time frame to buyersa�� decisionsa��wrong!)

7. Do I have a method of setting goals and tracking accomplishments in the areas abovea��so I can analyze my specific strengths and challenges in this business? (Most agents never track what they do, so they dona��t know what workeda��or why what theya��re doing isna��t working).

8. Do I have a budget so I know how much money I should be spending in marketing myself/marketing my listings?

9. Do I have someone to talk to regularly, to coach me, to keep me on track, and to help me if I fall off my start-up plan (to keep me from failing)?

10. Do I have a method to keep myself motivated and inspired to keep on keeping on (like a coach or your manager)?

A�Getting Some Help with Direction

If your agentscana��t answer the questions above with authority and confidence,A�they need much more business direction thanA�they’re getting now. Ita��s time forthemto get serious about real estate as a business, and grasp a start-up plan and the support theyneed to assureA�their success.

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