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So You Think You Can’t Fire Joe…..


So you think you can’t fire Joe? Why are you keeping that deadwood, anyway? Okay. Thata��s a pretty blunt statement. But, good agents resent the a�?deadwooda��. Theya��ve told me that time and again. Non-productive agents waste their time, and communicate from management that work ethic doesna��t matter in that office. Yet, managers are reluctant to cut anyone loose. Today, though, there are few benefits of keeping someone who demonstrates he/she is not interested in being productive.

Agents: Read this and tell me if you have deadwood in your office that slows you down. Why do you think managers keep the deadwood?

Everyone has a Joe (or Josephine) in their office. Joea��s been an agent for six years. Hea��s the guy who makes coffee every morning. Hea��s the guy who takes peoplea��s open houses (although he never picks up a client). Hea��s even the guy who steps in when someone in the office cana��t make their floor time (but he has never converted an inquiry to a clienta��). Hea��s also the guy who doesna��t sell a stick of real estate. Woops. I misspoke. He did sell one home once. It was during the a�?on firea�� market. Joe was on floor time. He got a walk in: A buyer who found the home himself, had cash, and was willing to write it up at Joea��s convenience. (After closing, Joe didna��t follow up with the client again. After all, the sale is over, isna��t it?)A�

Whata��s the matter with just keeping Joe?A�

Nothing, if you dona��t care about your bottom line. Brokers tell me that a poor hire or a non-productive agent costs them nothing. Unfortunately, thata��s far from the case.

Herea��s How Joe Costs You $$$$$–Lots of $$$$$$A�A�

If you read nothing else in this blog, please read this line:A�

Joe is a walking billboard for failurea��an effective marketing strategy that communicates your officea��s failure to make him successful, and your failure to making him successful.A�

Joe the Billboard publicizes the outcomes from your recruiting, training, and coaching.

In my next blog, I’ll give youA�the costs of retaining Joe. You’ll be shocked!

A Tool to Re-Energize, Retain, and Figure Out Who To Send Next Door.

My On Track to Success in 30 Days System for the Experienced Agent is a great way to see if your a�?Joea�� or Josephine really intends to go to worka��and goes to work. Ia��ve provided t he link to the agentsa�� and coacha��s program here. It will get agents back in the gamea��with confidence and results.

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