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How Recognizable is your ‘Brand’?


Arturo's CB officeHow recognizable is your ‘brand’? Are you spending lots of marketing dollars and not seeming to be able to increase your brand recognition?

Do your agents have a certain method of working? Would a client be able to recognize your agent apart ‘from the crowd’?

Studies show consumers think all agents are the same. In fact, they don’t have a very high opinion of them! Branding yourself and your agents as different would be good for your bottom line, don’t you think?

That’s just what this award-winning Coldwell Banker company in Mexico has done. This picture was taken of Coldwell Banker Bienes Raices at a presentation I gave to Coldwell Banker Mexico in Mexico City a few months ago. See how they are all wearing businesslike, grey/black attire.A� (That’s just me messing up the continuity in the red). That really sets them apart. The owners of the franchise office, Arturo and Erika Martinez Batiz, work hard to systematize how they all work. One of their ‘branding’ efforts was that they all decided to wear ‘uniforms’. They have several business dress ‘uniforms’ that really stand out from the rest. There were about 400 agents at this presentation, and this Coldwell Banker company garnered many of the awards. And, they obviously had great pride in each other and each others’ accomplishments. They were a real team, and a pleasure to work with. (They even sat in the front rows and paid close attention–a way to a trainer’s heart, of course!).

If You Didn’t Know your Company, What Would Be Your First Impression?

When I speak somewhere, I always have first impressions of the agents in the room. Without trying to, I’m asking myself questions, like

Are they well-groomed? Are they sitting at the front of the room? Are they attentive? Are they courteous? Do they seem to be dedicated to their profession? I can pretty much come to some good conclusions about the success, dedication, and professionalism of my group in about 3 minutes in front of them!

Things That Shout First Impressions, Even If You try to Squelch Them…

  • Dress
  • Car
  • Attitude
  • Posture
  • Organization of first presentation
  • Attentiveness and curiosity/concern about the other person

How many of your agents are part-time? Don’t have data-bases? Don’t return phone calls or emails? Don’t better themselves with education/training? Aren’t ready to give organized presentations at any time? Don’t enjoy much success? All those things are speaking louder about your brand than you can fill in with words.


Here’s another picture of the agents in this award-winning office, at the awards ceremony. They really stood out because of their consistency visually–and their consistency of professionalism!

Do a ‘brand review’. How can you increase the recognition of your brand? What are you saying about your brand that is not recognizable? How can you improve it?


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