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How Non-Producers Hurt You Three Ways


In my earlier blog, I told you about “Joe”–that nice agent who never sells a stick of real estate. He’s your billboard. Joe the Billboard publicizes the outcomes from your recruiting, training, and coaching–just by being “Joe”.

After you read these, I hope you’ll consider any more ‘Joes” as potential hires as RED FLAGS.

Here are the outcomes to your efforts that Joe publicizes for you.

Recruiting. You find it hard to recruit. See, likes attract. People see that Joe (or lots of Joes) are in your office. Agents do search the MLS to find out what the sales statistics are in offices. (Why would good agents go to an office that has low production?) Maybe youa��re like me, taking over a real estate office where it was known in the area, literally, as a�?the place you went if you didna��t want to work.a�? Boy, what a great recruiting endorsement!A� If so, you know that ita��s a terrific uphill battle to recruit good people into a bad office. (Hint: You must get rid of the bad people first, then build on a new foundation. You cana��t fool those agents!).

Training. Youa��re finding it hard to get agents to attend your training classes. Why? Because Joe attends every one of thema��and then doesna��t take any action. So, your class endorsement is actually a�?those classes dona��t do any good.a�?

Coaching. People say they want help, but they wona��t go into a coaching relationship with you. Why? Because Joe tells them it wona��t do any good. After all, hea��s been in your office for six years, and being with you certainly hasna��t done him any good. (Joe also rains on the newer agentsa�� parades, by convincing them that no lead generating method you endorse is worth their time. After all, the one home Joe sold was a walk-in.)

Click here to get my take on how much it costs to hire a non-productive agent. And, do your own math. Are you stunned? What did you learn?

Joe is Making Your Success an Uphill Battle

Youa��ve tried to help Joe. Youa��ve decided you cana��t help him. Youa��re working harder and longer. Yet, your office culture and productivity just dona��t seem to improve. Ask yourself:

What percent of a�?Joesa�? do you have in your office right now?

Carlaa��s rule: If you have over 10% seasoned non-producers, you arena��t leading. They are.A�A� A�

Discover If They’re Workers or Wanderers

My On Track to Success in 30 Days System for the Experienced Agent is a great way to see if your a�?Joea�� or Josephine really intends to go to worka��and goes to work. Ia��ve provided the link to the agentsa�� and coacha��s program here. It will get agents back in the gamea��with confidence and results.

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