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Get Business Planning Tips to Launch a Better 2015 Business


Through the month of November and December, I’m focusing my blogs on business planning. Why? Because we all know we need business plans, yet a small percentage of real estate pros actually write one–and fewer follow them! So, I want to inspire you to not only create a plan, but use that plan as you blueprint for success in 2015.

To kick this series off, here’s a short video:

Three Surefire Tips to Get Fired Up about Business Planning



More Business Planning Help for You

Don’t avoid doing a great business plan–AGAIN!

I’ve got 2 complimentary webinars coming up soon to help you get ready for a great 2015:

Agents: How to Make Your Business Plan Pay Off in 2015

When: Nov. 20, 2 PM, PST (that’s 3 PM Eastern, 4 PM Central, and 3 PM Mountain)
a�? The 5 big reasons why your plan hasna��t worked for youa��and what to do about it!
a�? How to assure each part of your plan has a job to do for you in 2015
a�? The one question you need to ask yourself so your plan is guaranteed to get you what you want
a�? The most important planning document you needa��free from Carla
Click here to register.

Managers: The 4 Big Reasons Your Plan Doesna��t Worka��and What to Do About It

When: Nov. 21,
2 PM, PST (that’s 3 PM Eastern, 4 PM Central, and 3 PM Mountain)
Youa��ve made a business plan for several years. But, you put it a�?on the shelfa�� so it didna��t work for you. Or, maybe you havena��t even made a plan. Here are the 4 reasons most managersa�� plans dona��t work, and what to do about it.
In this fast-paced presentation, youa��ll get dozens of tips on what to put into your plan, the trends you need to grab and include, and what NOT to include in your plan.

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Space is limited for each of these webinars. You’ll have time to ask Carla your business planning questions, and enjoy dozens of tips for your plan for a great 2015.

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