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Coaching the Coach: When to Start Your Start-Up Program for your New Agents


This month, Ia��m doing complimentary coaching for both those agents in Up and Running in 30 Days, and their coaches. In this blog, I want to give you some tips from the discussion we coaches had in the first tele-conference call. These this are concerned with the most importantA�variable which will determine the new agent’s success:A�

When to start the program to assure highest pay-off

We’ll also provide some tips on how to coordinate the program with your orientation. You do have an orientation program, don’t you? If you need one, check out my orientation and operations checklists and manual template.

A�When to StartA�Your Agents in Their Busienss-Getting ProgramA�

First, let me ask you: What does your new agent do the first week he/she is in the business? The second week? The third week? Go to your staff and find out exactly what the activity plan is for that new agent. Herea��s the critical question:

A�When does your new agent start lead generating regularly?

Ask your new agents who have been in the business 6 months, “What could I have done differently to help you get a better start?”

Why is that important? Because, until that agent is lead generating the agent isna��t in the business!

A�Surprising truth: In a survey of hundreds of agents under three months in the business, the majority of agents told me they expected a sale in month one! So, how does your start-up program coordinate with that expectation? Are you spending too much time orientating them? Are they spending too much time in training class? In getting ready to get ready? Ia��ll bet youa��re shocked at what you found when you actually laid out their activity program for that first month.

A�Note: In Managers: Putting Up and Running to Work, I have a flow chart of when you should have your agents into various aspects of their career start.

A�Big Principle: The Longer You Put Off Starting the Up and Running Program, The More Apt the Agent is to Fail.

A�Why? They get poor habits from just a�?hanging outa�� in the office. They start doing business supporting activities to take up their day. They create the business of a failed agent.

A�Coordinating your Program with your OrientationA�

Do you have a tight, precise Orientation process? Thata��s so important to implement the first week that agent is in the business. Get all the a�?housekeepinga�� out of the way. Be sure your agent checks off those tasks, and provides the checklist to staff. Dona��t allow that new agent to drift without focus, or that agent will become increasingly non-focused.

A�When to Start the Up and Running Program

A�In week two. Why? Because, if your new agent expects a sale fast (and they do, whether they tell you or not), they must start lead generating NOW.

A�A Great Idea from One of the Up and Running Tele-Conference Attendees

A�Sometimes things just dona��t get started on the right foot. If thata��s the case in some of your Up and Running implementations, ita��s okay to a�?re-seta�� the clock. Why? Ita��s important that your agents feel energetic and optimistic about doing the program. They must have recognition, appreciation, and a�?winsa�� to keep going.

A�What did you learn when you analyzed your a�?start-upa�� program for your new agents? What are you changing? Let me know. Thanks for your dedication to helping agents get the start they need to succeed.

This is the resource package I’m referring to. It will greatly shorten your timeframe in hiring and getting that agent started. It will increase your production and profits, which makes it much easier for you to recruiting successfully. Check it out: The Manager’s Up and Running Coaching System.

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  1. vicki nelson says:

    I am looking for a program to get me up and running in the real estate business
    sold real estate 7 years ago and need to get up and going again
    Vicki Nelson

  2. Carla Cross says:

    I am not sure I replied to this! So, here goes. Check out I have put my successful and very popular program, Up and Running in 30 Days, online. I will really get you revved up, immersed in the business, and getting results fast.
    Carla Cross

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