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What’s Your Best Advice for the Interviewing Agent?


Thinterview with clip boardis month, I’m featuring information for would-be or new agents. Why? Because although they get lots of information, much of it is slanted by the person offering the advice! (Think ‘interviewer’….). I was just asked to write an article on best advice to a new agent–as though that new agent were my relative.

As an interviewer, my question to you is, “Are you giving unbiased advice? Can you back it up with statistics–proof that what you say works? Read my advice here.

Because I have start-up plans and programs for new agents, Ia��m contacted constantly by new agents wanting advice. The most discouraging thing they tell me (more discouraging to me than them at the beginning) is that they have no one to train or coach them to success. From talking to these agents, I think theya��re vastly underestimating what it takes to get started and be successful. Theya��ve been sold by a nice and well-meaning manager on the thought that joining them and buying a book or going to an easy-in training program will do the trick. And then, when it doesna��t, the agent is out of time and moneya��and ita��s too late for a re-start.

What Did They Tell You about their Training?
My best advice to the would-be and new agent interviewing is to be very, very tough when talking about training expectations. Never accept the phrase that a�?we have traininga��. I have yet to talk to a manager who says they dona��t have training. Yet, when the agents talk to me after being hired, they say there is no or little traininga��.

What Are You Being Coached To?
Be sure the manager (or in-house coach)is going to train and coach you with a business start-up plan, so you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and how to measure it. Without that specific plan, youa��re essentially foundering around trying this and that. And, most importantly, see the programs in writing, so you know theya��re real. And, be discriminating when looking at those programs. Too many of them are cobbled together lovingly (but not professionally) by well-meaning people who arena��t trained as trainers or coaches.

What Results is the Program Getting?
Finally, find out the results of the program. Good programs measure results to assure you that the program works. You deserve this level of expertise to start a successful career.
Here are the questions: Describe your training program. Is it foundationed in a business start-up plan that youa��re going to coach me to? Please let me see your start-up programa��the training, the coaching, and the start-up lan. What are the results?

New agents and managers: What would be your best advice for the serious new agent?

what-they-dont-3d_cover cropped As an interviewer, you need to know what I’m telling your candidates!

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