• 4.4 min readPublished On: September 12, 2022

    Your Crystal Ball: How You Can Predict They will Succeed in Real Estate

    They all have high aspirations in the interview. But, how can you predict who will really be successful--fast? Here's how [...]

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  • 0.4 min readPublished On: April 27, 2022

    Real Estate Leadership: Don’t Put Up with Low Retention!

    Why put up with low retention? Use this innovative strategy and double your retention rates. [...]

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  • 1.6 min readPublished On: January 26, 2022

    Successful Real Estate Traits: Compare Your List with Mine

    Your 'crystal ball' to predict real estate success depends on your ability to identify success traits. What traits make a [...]

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  • 0.9 min readPublished On: January 14, 2022

    How to Tell if They are a Great ‘Fit’ for Real Estate Sales

    Grab my new analysis tool to help would-be agents make best decisions for them--and you. https://youtu.be/rN-u_dEvr98 Do you interview would-be [...]

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  • 2 min readPublished On: November 30, 2021

    Interview Time-Saver: Use This Ideal Job Analysis

    Would-be agents hear all the wonderful things about real estate as a career. Here's a better way to help them [...]

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  • 1.6 min readPublished On: November 10, 2021

    Great Talkers Don’t Make Great Interviewers

    The opposite of talking isn't listening. The opposite of talking is waiting.                  [...]

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  • 1.8 min readPublished On: November 2, 2021

    Interviewing Shortcut: Help your Candidates Choose Themselves–or Not

    Here's a unique self-analysis tool to save interview time and let the candidate choose--or not Are you spending hours 'interviewing'--well, [...]

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  • 2.5 min readPublished On: October 1, 2021

    Help Your Agents Choose the Absolute Best Team Leader for Them

    Help your agents choose the absolute best team leader for them. As a three-decade owner and manager on the firing [...]

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  • 3.2 min readPublished On: August 23, 2021

    Try This Recruiting Tool and Hire More Winners

    Recruiting: Gain relationships and help great potential recruits hit the ground running!!!! Try this recruiting tool and hire more winners. [...]

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