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The Fourth Foundation to Profits: Teamwork


kids running and jumping goalsFrom working with dozens of real estate owners and managers, and as my position as a CRB (Certified Real Estate Broker) instructor for twelve years, I’ve had an opportunity to see exactly what makes a company profitable–in the long run. So, this month, I’m sharing what I’ve found to be the critical pieces of the puzzle that lead to sustainable profits. I’ll spotlight the 4 foundations you have to have to be exceptionally profitable–no matter your economic model. Actually, I’ve come to these foundations by observing how companies fail to be profitable over a period of time without these four foundations. In each of these blogs, I’ll spotlight one foundation. The fourth is


Go It Alone vs. Teamwork

a�?I work alone.a�? a�?I dona��t need to be a member of a a�?teama��a�?. Wea��re heard that for years in the real estate industry. Yet, the strongest, fastest-growing real estate companies have team building as part of their cultures. Agents who want to expand their businesses create teams. So, TEAM is no longer a four-letter word. The importance and implementation of leadership through teamwork and synergy is back in style in the real estate industry.

Why Building a Strong Team is Important to Agents AND Management

As with all industries, the real estate industry is evolving. Wea��ve gone through the a�?go it alonea�� phase. Because wea��ve gotten more sophisticated in business. We realize that no one succeeds alone. We understand now that people working together create something more substantial than the sum of the parts. In addition, with the challenges in the business, we finally get that many minds focused on the same task can accomplish much more than each person working as his own little island. Supporting this trend, strong company cultures have emerged which encourage and reward teamwork instead of solely independent achievement.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, a�?People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about.a�?

If youa��ve ever played on a sports team, you know the chaos that ensues when every player tries to be the stara��to go her own way. Thata��s not a team. Thata��s a group. You may also know the joy of playing on a team that shares a common focus and commitment to excellence. What a difference! What if you could bring that into your real estate office or your agent team?

In my next blog, I’ll discuss the 4 principles to develop teamwork.

Do you have a team? Or, do you have a group?

Man-Walking-Up-Stairs-to-GlobeWho Helps You Step Up to the Next Level? Who Helps You Create that Team?

As owners and managers, too often we feel like we’re ‘on our own’. Yes, we have the company–if we’re in a franchise–but, who’s really looking out for you? It must be YOU. Yet, few leaders have coaches. At the same time, we urge our agents to get a coach…….if you’re wondering whether coaching is for you, why not investigate our Leadership Mastery Coaching program? It’s true one-on-one coaching–no cookie-cutter or set topic approach, because you’re seasoned, you’re knowledgeable, and you’re unique. Carla Cross is a ‘coach’s coach with a winning background as a turn-around leader. Why not find out more in a Complimentary Consultation? Click here to arrange.

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