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Recruiting: The Second Success Trait in the ‘New Normal’


Have you polished your needed traits for success in the ‘new normal’? Here’s the second trait agents need to succeed today and tomorrow.

2. Work Hard

It has always amazed me when interviewing an agent, the agent would state that she wanted to make lots of money in real estate, but she could only work 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. 4 days a weeka��no nights and weekends, of course! (I worked 50-60 hours to survive and thrive, so, the thought occurred to me that she must think she was much more talented and special than Ia��a��.)

In this a�?new normala��, the person not committing to 40-50 hours a week just cana��t deliver what the consumer wants. (See the next blog for a survey that should sober every real estate professional…..)

Are you still hiring those who ‘want to try it out’? Want to hang a license’? Will settle for a low level of commitment?

How Much Work Does it Take to Master Anything?

If you havena��t read the great book, by Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers, get it now. Gladwell shows how people get really good at what they do when they work hard and long at it. See the examples of computer pioneersa��and the Beatles. Going to Hamburg to work in the strip clubs in the late 1960a��s, the Beatles had to play eight hours a night, seven days a week. They got really good at it! In fact, Gladwell said it took 10,000 hours of practice for someonea��in any fielda��to master it. How much practice do your agents get selling real estate?

A National Association of Realtorsa�� Survey

Take a look at how number of hours worked coordinates with income in real estate earned:

So, go ahead and commit to success. No one got successful merely with a a�?magic bulleta��, or hiring a huge team so they didna��t have to work, or any of those other things the seminar gurus sell unsuspecting agents. Who does well with that philosophy? Just those seminar gurus! If you still dona��t believe me, please get the book Outliers. Then, hire those agents who will commit to working hard. The consumer deserves it–and you deserve it.

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