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It’s a New Year. Do You Have a Strategy to Move Ahead?


coaching for leadershipYou’ve made your goals for the year. You’re excited. But, you feel somewhat unfocused. You may need a coach to get your priorities right, and to stay on track. If not, what’s going to be different this year from last year? So, this month, I’m spotlighting coaching. Thanks to all you awesome coaches who help raise the standards of the industry.

Have you considered a coach? Here are ways to find out if you’d benefit.

Skills Come from Practice and Coaching Assistance

As a pianist since I was four years old, I know that peak performance comes only with practicea��perfect practice. And, therein lies the rub. When you attempt to learn to play the piano by yourself, without a teacher, you cana��t hear yourself play. You cana��t make adjustments fast enough alone. You need a great piano teacher who is helping you assess your performance, make adjustments, and challenges you to stretch to higher goals. The difference between one persona��s success in any field and another lies, in part, in their comparable skills. All experienced pianists can put their hands on the keys. They can play the notes. But, most pianists havena��t mastered playing the notes. They havena��t mastered the interpretation. That takes practice and coaching. Interestingly, real estate professionals seem to discount the ‘mastery’ truism……They must believe they can’t get better!A� (not true!)

Do you need a Coach?

If youa��re:
a�? Not optimizing your talents
a�? Not attaining your goals
a�? Spending too much time spinning your wheels
a�? Spending too much money for little return
a�? Hitting ceilings of achievement
You will benefit from a professional business coach.

What Your Coach Can Do For You

a�? Help you focus on our goals so we get there faster.
a�? Motivate you to get into meaningful action.
a�? Encourage you to keep on keeping on.
a�? Offer resources for new ideas so we can take a different look.

a�? Appreciate your efforts when no one else seems to!

Provide you a model so you can more effectively coach your agents!

Real Estate Salespeople and Managersa��a Special Breed

Approximately ninety percent of all real estate salespeople and managers have behavioral styles that are highly aggressive and/or promotional. Thata��s not like the normal population! In other words, we like people and we charge ahead (my motto is, when all else fails, read the directions……). Only fifty percent of the normal population exhibits those behavioral styles. Other styles are more task focused and embrace procedure. Yes, we salespeople-types have special talentsa��and special challenges. Our biggest challenge is focus. Wea��re great with people. We get into action fast. Our problem is that people and actions pull us in various directions, and we lose the one thing that drives us toward our goalsa��focus. The first and biggest benefit a coach can give us is to keep us focused.

Coaches Provide Much-Needed Models and Systems

Models and systems are woefully lacking in our real estate industry. After all, wea��re the people whoa��ve always said, a�?Fake it until you make it.a�? What if your surgeon said that? Or your accountant? Historically, we real estate professionals have had an aversion to following procedures. Yet, in the world of business, systems are the basis of all business growth. For us too, systematizing is the best way we can build big, profitable businesses. A competent coach uses and teaches proven models and systems and processes that do more than stop our crisis management. They teach us how to think about our business.

One of the benefits for you of enlisting a true leadership coach is that your coach will share his/her models–and you can, in turn, use those models with your agents for time-saving, money-making strategies.

A Coach Helps You move Faster and With More Confidence

Armed with great models and systems, you and your coach have a common language from which to work. You will benefit from gaining focus. You will accomplish more faster, gain greater confidence, and be able to set higher goals as a result of your coaching experience and relationship.

small LM Cover

Why not Get Expert Support for your Management Challenges?

Isn’t it amazing that we managers are told to coach our agents–yet we are seldom coached? Why not make this the time when you get the expert support and guidance yourself to move ahead and move your office ahead. Our Leadership Mastery coaching is a fully customized program–just for you (no cookie-cutter checklists or ‘do this now’–that’s just for new agents!). And, Carla Cross personally coaches you, so you get the expert advice and support you know will move your office ahead. Check it out now, and schedule a ComplimentaryA� Consultation.

Thank You, Coaches–FREE Resource for You with your Leadership Mastery Registration

To thank all you coaches out there, I’m GIVING AWAY my $99 resource, Managers’ Coaching Companion to Up and Running in 30 Days. when you register for Leadership Mastery coaching. Why? It was created to partner with the 3rd edition of Up and Running in 30 Days. Now, the 4th edition is published (and a new ‘delivery’ of my coaching help is available at Up and Running in Real Estate). The coaching companion I’m including still has lots of value. With 109 pages, 2 audio CDs, and 1 ‘document’ CD I’ve packed this resource with dozens of coaching strategies, tips, and questions for coaches to use in ANY coaching situation.A� And, thanks, coaches, for your dedication to raising the standards of our industry. Click here for a description.

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