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Is Your Real Estate Office Productivity-Focused?


Is your office productivity-focused? Or, is it basically a social gathering place? What’s important to your agents?A�Do you know how you can tell? It’s in your agents’ attitude about lead generation. Do they run home to lead generate? Or, are they proud to pick up the phone and lead generate in your office?

What Percent of Your Agents Actively Lead Generate?

Do you know? Find out. Do your agents ask you if they will have to lead generate to be successful? Too many times, agents look at lead generating as a a�?last resorta��. In their minds, they are saying to themselves,A�

a�?If nothing else works, Ia��ll pick up the phone.a�?A�

So, their lead generating efforts are too little, too latea��and done without much skill. In fact, they spend too much time and energy negating various methods of lead generation. They say things like,A�

a�?It wona��t work for me in my area.a�?

a�?I tried that once. It doesna��t work.a�?

a�?Isna��t there something new?a�?

a�?Ia��ll wait for people to come to me.a�?

a�?I am going to company that provides leads.a�?

a�?Ia��ll join a team and they will provide me as many golden leads as I want.a�?A�

What Are You Telling Them in the Interview?

Too many times, we whitewash the real estate sales game in the interview. I’ve heard managers say things like, “You won’t have to lead generate with us. We’ll provide you leads.” Or, “Our floor time is great.” Those are set-ups for failure. Look at your interview process and be sure you aren’t shining on that candidate, only to see them fail later on.

Don’t Let Them Shunt Lead Generating Aside–They WillA�Fail in Real Estate!

Instead of spending countless hours, energy, and money trying to avoid lead generating, help your agents make lead generating the cornerstone ofA�their businesses, not the exception to the rule.

A�Follow the Sales Path to Results

The sales path, as explained in Up and Running in 30 Days, is:

A�Lead generate

A�Interview and qualify buyers or

Interview and qualify sellers

A�List marketable properties or

Show buyers homes

A�Listing sells orA�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�

Make a sale

A�The last two activites are the only 2 activities that make us money!

It all starts with lead generation. If your agents areA�avoiding it, ask yourself ‘why’? PerhapsA�they need to be someone’s assistant, or find a job that doesn’t requireA�them to self-start. Instead of doing everything to avoid lead generating, help change your culture to embrace it.A�Teach them and hold them accountable toA�a new method every week. It’s the most important aspect ofA�your agents’ success.

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