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Do You Have a Real Business Plan?


small write outlineWhata��s in a business plan? Goals? Action plans? Youa��re right, as far as it goes. Buta��..Recently, I presented a webinar through the National Association of Realtorsa�� Learning Library, titled Not Your Grammya��s Business Plan. One of the points I made was that the old-style one-two page business planning templates just dona��t make it these days. Ita��s not enough to either write a

Platitude-heavy mission/vision plan, with a lot of a�?we will bea��.a��
A goals-only plan

Why? Because neither version of a business plan does you much good if you want to create a business plan that is useable every day. You need a complete plan. You need to use a solid planning process–not just fill in some blanks!

Whata��s in a Useable Business Plan

Click here to see the parts of a strategic business plan for a real estate agent (this would work for any salesperson). I created this a�?flow charta�� after being frustrated that there was no good business planning process or template for real estate salespeople. I found that there needed to be a clear a�?patha�� from the big picture planning aspects (vision/mission/objectives) to the action plan. I also found there had to be a clear delineation of the parts of the action plan. Why? Agents will focus on what they find easya��the business support parts of the plan, not the lead generating parts of the plan.

Make Moneya��Or Not

By focusing on the review and action portions of your plan, you will have a real blueprint to follow to create success every day. Be very careful about which planning system you use. The way you think will determine the kind of plan you get. Follow the model I’ve provided her. Now, you have a useable business plan for 2010.

Want to see more on business planning? Check out my online business planning resources for agents and managers: Beyond the Basics of Business Planning. I take you right through the process.

Plan_Act_CelebrateManagers: In your program, I teach your agents how to make a plan. I help you integrate the office and agent plans, too.


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