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Coaching your New Agent: Conquering the ‘Focus’ Challenge


Recently, I did the first of a series of complimentary coaching calls for those managers who are using the Up and Running in 30 Days start-up plan for their new agents. This is a very aggressive program, to get the agents a sale in 30 days (rather than the 3-6 months it takes most new agents.) The coaches have received their coaching resource guide, so they already have some guidance in implementing the program. We had a great discussion on the recent call. I want to share some of the discussion we had on the call, to help you as you coach your new agents to much faster success.

A�Biggest Challenges for the Coaches

A�The coaches on the call told me their biggest challenges were

A�Keeping the agent focused on the important activities

Getting the time to coach the agents frequently and regularlyA�

So, in this blog, Ia��ll tackle that first concerna��keeping your new agents focused.

A�Up and Running Gives you Two Keys to Keeping your Agents Focused

A�1, The Daily and Weekly Schedule. Have your new agent analyze his/her daily schedule at the end of the week. There is an exercise in Up and Running to reveal to the agent the priorities he/she needs to arrange in order to create a successfulA� business. Unfortunately, most agents arrange their priorities to protect themselves from starting the business! Teaching your agent how to a�?self-managea�� by analyzing that past week is huge to set them on the road to successful sales.

A�Tip: Use this scheduling strategyA�with your experienced agents. Most agents have never created a weekly schedule, and dona��t analyze their past week with the priorities explained in Up and Running.

A�2. Business-Producing vs. Business-Supporting Activities. Keep reiterating to your agents the difference between business producing and business-supporting activities. Up and Running teaches agents to put all their business activities into one of these groups. Ita��s one of the most important concepts an agent can graspa��and few agents have ever been taught this fundamental and very important concept.

A�Tip: You know your agent has struggles with time management. Help them analyze their activities and schedule their activities to do more business-producing activities. Their time management challenges will shrink, and their incomes will sky-rocket.

A�Invitation: If youa��re using Up and Running in 30 Days with your new agents, and didna��t receive an invitation to be on our tele-conference calls, email me at and Ia��ll add you to the invitation list.

A�Next blog: Ia��ll discuss when to start Up and Running, and how to assure your new agent has a complete track to run ona��so he/she gets that sale fast, which is yours and his/her goal! I’ll also discuss how frequently and consistently you must coach that new agent to assure he/she adheres to the Up and Running activities and goals.

This is the resource package I’m referring to. It will greatly shorten your timeframe in hiring and getting that agent started. It will increase your production and profits, which makes it much easier for you to recruiting successfully. Check it out: The Manager’s Up and Running Coaching System.

Free bonus: When you order it, you will receive 2 customizable flyers to promote the program inside your office, and promote it to recruits. Training is the name of the recruiting game in this decade! Get onboard.

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