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Business Planning: Do You Have These 10 Critical Points in your Plan?


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Do you have a business plan for next year? Is it in a format that I could actually follow if you delegated running the company to me? I doubt over 5% of the brokers could answer that question a�?yesa��. Yet, we all talk about the importance of a business plan. Here are five of ten critical points you must have in your business plan to make it a plan that actually works for you, not just a thesis that looks important on the shelf!

1. Spend much more time in review.

Your plan must include an in-depth review of the past year, or, better yet, the trends of the past three yearsa��both inside and outside your company. Your plan must draw conclusions about this review, so you can use what you learned in planning for the next year. Write it out, so you can remember why youa��re making the moves in that next year. Click here to see the areas you should review.

2. Analyze your budget vs. actual expenses.

Measure your last year’s budget versus your actual expensesa��and do an analysis of what happened along the way. How can you set up your budget for the next year without analyzing last yeara��s budget and consequences?

3. Create separate action plans for each area of responsibility.

Create separate action plans for each of your areas of responsibility: Financial/operations/planning/staff, recruiting/selecting, orientation of agents to assure quick assimilation and retention, training (new and experienced agents), higher production/retention, marketing (internal and external), professional development. That way, youa��re actually creating a road map to use every day, not just a broad brush picture. In Business Planning for the Owner, Manager, and Team Builder, I have a road map that allows you to do just that.

4. Use the strategic planning process to think through your business.

Use a strategic, or thought-out approach to each of the planning areasa��based on your vision, mission, and positioning of the company. Dona��t just copy a particular company because theya��re successful. It may not be a�?like youa��.

5. Be sure your objectives are measurable.

Write measurable objectives in each of the action plan areasa��so you know what youa��re shooting for and can celebrate the attainments. For example, in training, decide on measurable production goals that should result from your training– and measure the results of your training frequently.

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