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Your Clients Are Tattling on Your Agents


What do you think clients think of agents in general–and who are they telling?

A recent California Association of Realtors’ survey of buyers revealed that buyers rated their overall experience at an all time low: 4 out of 100!

What does this mean about the level of customer service clients think they’re getting from agents? If you said, a�?Not much.a�? Youa��re right. And, now, clients have a way to let everyone and their brother know what they think of their agent. Check out

These are agent feedback sites. Youa��ll see the good, the bad, and the ugly. In fact, youa��ll be stunned, I think, at the impact a testimonial has in writinga��on the net.

This is a huge trend: Clients providing feedback that can be accessed by everyone. Now, even Realtor Associations, like the Houston Association of Realtors, is regularly surveying membersa�� buyers and sellers for feedback. Expect this trend to get bigger quickly.

What You Need to Do

First, check those sites (and others as they appear) regularly. There are some stunningly wonderful–and some stunningly awful–reviews on those sites. As the marketers know, a bad review is ‘tattled’ by 9 more people!

Second, collect surveys from each transaction regularly. If they aren’t wonderful, fix it fast. The consumer is increasingly relying on what others say, not on what we say about our service. Be on the cutting edge of the curve, not way behind it.

If you’d like my survey, click here.

Lots of Room For Growth

Recently, I was speaking to a group of ‘old pros’ in the Minneapolis area. I surveyed them and found that only about 20% sent out surveys! But, that’s not much different from the normal agent population. It’s time we got into the 21st century and did some basic marketing, to keep our businesses healthy!

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