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What Leaders Do Differently from Managers


This January, I’m featuring the topic ‘leadership’. Why? Because it’s one of the biggest real estate industry trends (and probably world trends) of 2012 and beyond. Look for leadership strategies and trends (not just in the real estate industry), plus ready-to-use documents to go from ‘maintenance management’ to leadership. And, check out my complimentary webinar on Jan. 30 on leadership, trends, and what you should do about it! See more at the end of this blog.

In my last post, we talked about the differences in management–specifically maintenance management–and leadership. Now, let’s look at the specific things leaders do to move offices ahead. After I list them, ask yourself, “Would I describe myself as a leader–or a manager?”

What Leaders Do

It’s easy to say you are a leader. But, how do you know you really are? Here are several actions leaders take. After all, we can’t judge people from what they say. We must judge them from what they do.

1. LeadersA�initiate new programs that move them closer to their vision.

2. Leaders enlist others prior to starting a new program, to assure the whole team has input, judgement, and ‘buy in’.

3. Leaders look at their planners, and evaluate whether they started something new that week or month. Did they start something that was innovative, creative, fun, and team-enlisting? Was it connected to their vision and goals?

4. Leaders do specific actions that solve problems. For example, in my new series, 365 Leadership,A�I will provide specific strategies, with all the guidance and documents to implement them–one strategy per month. One of these strategies is the Listing PresentationA�Play-offs. What problem does this solve? The problem of unskilled agents taking over-priced listings. It also changes the culture of the company from ‘we take anything’ to ‘we are professionals who act in the best interests of sellers’.

5. LeadersA� don’t rest on their laurels. They don’t believe they ever ‘have it made’.

Look at 365 Leadership to see the topics that we address. There’s still time to become a part of this group. I’m excited to provide 12 new, immediately doable strategies for you. It’s low-cost (both the series and the strategies) and it will move you into leadership and toward profitability.A�A�

What do you think the difference between management and leadership is? How do you know you’re a leader?

Complimentary Leadership/Management Webinar

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