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What If Your Coaching Isn’t Working?


You’ve been coaching an agent for three months. You haven’t seen any improvements. What do you do if your coaching isn’t working?

The biggest mistakes managers make in coaching agents is to continue the coaching relationship when the agent isna��t doing the work. Usually, we continue because we didna��t set coaching standards at the beginningA�of the relationship. When our coaching doesn’t get results, we think that we must re-motivate the agenta��that this is our job.

Who or What Motivates?

Motivation happens when we do an activity and it works for us. Then, we want to do it all over again. Thata��s right. WE do the activity! In this case, ita��s the agent doing the sales activities and having some success. You just encourage that success. You cana��t encourage not doing things, which is what youa��re doing when you let that agent meet with you and you a�?pump them upa�� even though they havena��t done what they were supposed to do! Dona��t get caught in that trap.A�

Reasons to Terminate the coaching Relationship

Here are the reasons to terminate the coaching relationship:

  1. Not doing the activity work
  2. Not meeting at the scheduled timeA�
  3. The results are working negatively on your own self-esteem

Youa��ve done your agent and internal review,A�and youa��ve established the coaching rules. Now, ita��s easy to terminate the coaching relationship. You already set up those perimeters prior to starting your coaching relationship. Remember, you have only time to coach those who respond. You also need this response to provide your own self-assurance that what you’re doing is working.

A�Free Yourself for Better Experiences

By terminating the coaching relationships that have no pay-offs, youa��re freeing yourself to coach those who do want your time and talenta��and youa��ve pre-determined that these people will be successful. Youa��ve created the best recruiting tool there isa��concrete success from your agents with your personal and professional help.

Choosing and Coaching ‘Responders’ Has Many Benefits

I find time and time again that when I try to work with people who do not want to achieve higher goals, they faila��and I feel as if Ia��ve failed. So, my caveat to you now is this: Choose the people you will coach carefully, to retain your self-esteem, self-confidence, and contribute your talents to those who will respond. Thata��s a win-win!

A coachability evaluator: Click here to get an evaluator you can use with agents.

What are your reasons for terminating a coaching relationship? What mistakes have you made in continuing a non-working relationship?A�

P. S. I’m working on an online program right now for the new or challenged agent, to get them into great business habits fast. One of the features of this program will be broker coaching. I’ll coach brokers on choosing those who are coachable, and how to coach when you have no time to coach! What do you want to see included?

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