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What are You Doing with your Agents BEFORE Training Starts?


teacher at boardWhat is your plan for your agents for BEFORE your formal training starts? Your agent started in the business Tuesday. You have sent the agent through your orientation process, but your training program doesna��t start for three more weeks. What do you do? Well, herea��s what NOT to do:

a�? Tell them to a�?just see the inventory and get acquainteda�� (theya��ll think thata��s the job description and some have been know to inspect the inventory for years before they would talk to a human being prospect!)

a�? Give them your own activity sheet that you used mupteen years ago–to keep them occupied

a�? Give them nothing and see what happensa��the other agents will probably keep them busy with administrative work (!)

Give them things to do that are easy so they will think they’re in real estate…..(but they won’t make any money…..)

Watch Out for the Truisms

Truism number one: Only about one out of a hundred new agents is a a�?natural, talenteda�� salesperson, who will figure out how to prioritize activities on his/her own

Truism number two: In the absence of a precisely, well-thought out prioritized start-up activity plan, most salespeople will create a plan for a a�?slow starta��; theya��ll form hard-to-break bad habits, scheduling easy-to-do, low pay-off activitiesa��because theya��re easier and non-threatening

Here’s What to Do

Introduce them to aA�business start-up plan thatA� they can implement the second week they are in the business (they expect a sale in 30-60 days, so you’d better start now!).A� Otherwise, they will wait around the office and copy what the other agents they see are doing:

  • Drinking coffee
  • Gossiping
  • Arranging papers
  • Playing computer
  • Inspecting pretty homes (well, the ones that have good food….)

Herea��s what to look for in a business start-up plan:

a�? It has the same priorities of business activities as your training, so your agent a�?gets the picturea�� of success from day one

a�? It gives your agent meaningful activities to complete prior to starting your training program

a�? It doesna��t require anyone in the office training that agenta��until your training program starts

a�? It forms the basis for first-day coaching, if you want it to

a�? It coordinates a training program done byA�your affiliates (mortgage, title, inspectors, etc.) who want to form relationships with your agentsa��to teach them the basics of the technical aspects of real estate (I call this a Business Foundations series).

To get a copy of a prototype Business Foundations course series, click here.

Consistency Equals Productivity

Your job as a manager/trainer is to createa��or choosea��a start-up plan and a training program that all present the agenta��s job description in the same manner with the same prioritiesa��so your agent has a clear roadmap on how to succeed every day. Doing so assures you have to hire less new agents to meet your recruiting goals, youa��ll have more success that you can promote to recruit, and more real dollars will flow to your bottom linesa��and theirs!

Want to save time AND be more profitable? See the program below, which combines a business start-up plan AND the training needed to get that agent out the door and into production right now!

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