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Managers: Are Your Agents Raising or Eroding Trust?


In my blog a few days ago, I talked about how agents need to a�?upa�� their trust establishment in this non-trusting world. I gave you the first five methods to train your agents to create trustworthiness. Now, here are the last 5 methods.

6. Tell the truth attractively. Show evidence. Dona��t try to scare the client into action by predicting the future.

Have you trained your agents to a�?tell the truth attractivelya��? Have you hung out with them when they are doing listing or buyersa�� presentations? Want to get scared?

7. Evaluate the client for long-term relationships. Is the client someone you want to add to your a�?tribea��?

Teach your agents to qualify buyers and sellers according to their ability to become long-term clients, not one-time sales.

8. Use a�?tough lovea�� with a client to tell the truth, turn down a clienta��to stay true to your values. Do whata��s best for the client.

A study of very successful agents showed that they regularly let the client know whether the clienta��s desires were reasonablea��or not. Have you trained your agents to do that? Do you have evaluators for this purpose?

9. Re-cap. Regularly, stop and re-cap with the client. Do this, too, when you cana��t meet client expectations.

Practice the re-cap with your agents. In other words, take the client back to the office and re-cap what happened and whata��s next.

10. Book of Greatness: Dona��t brag about yourself in the middle of a presentation. Create a a�?Book of Greatnessa�� to use in your pre-first visit so your clients get to know you and your approach to sales.

Managers: For your list of what can go in your Book of Greatness in your lobby (what a great recruiting tool!), click here.

Skill enhancers, time savers, and presentation builders:

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See Your Client-Based Marketed System* to create presentations and systems to work effectively with sellers. Includes evaluators–self-training.

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*tested and recommended by CRS (Council of Residential Specialists)

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