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Four Tips to Increase Your Agents’ Chances of Reaching their Goals


blue ribbonsHere are four tips to increase your agents’ chances of reaching their goals. The previous blog explored the power of intention in planning. So, how do we ‘supersize’ intentions so they last all year–and longer?

Here are four tips:

1.A�A�A�A� Include the a�?whya��

Why do you want this? Be specific. Make it full of passion and a�?technicolora��. This gives you purpose to what you want to achieve. Be sure ita��s something you really wanta��not something someone else wants for you (are they your goals or othersa�� goals?)

2.A�A�A�A� Concentrate on one intention at a time.

If you take too big a bite, you choke. So, focus on one thing you want to accomplish at a time. Use a calendar and put an intention for the quarter, for example.

3.A�A�A�A� Make it specific. Spell out exactly what youa��re going to do.

A�For example, if ita��s lead generation, say who youa��re going to contact, when, where, and what youa��ll say. Make a tracking system, too. Pretend youa��re giving this action plan to someone else. Could they follow it?

4.A�A�A�A� Repeat the strategy session every three months.

Research showed that intentions start to diminish. But, doing a a�?re-strategya�� session every three months renewed the intensity of the intention. So, Sit down and ask yourself those a�?whya�� questions every three months. A�

Managers: Teach your agents to have intention in their plans. Help them with their 3-month review strategy. Youa��ll be assisting them to form life-long habits of achievement. Everyone wins.

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