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Four Strategies to Build Leadership on your Real Estate Team


In my last blog, I talked about the importance of building teamwork in a real estate company. It’s back! But, how do we do it? One of the important ways to build teamwork is to build leadership in the team. Why? Because, a great team is more than the sum of its parts. It consists of leaders in practice.

For Owners, Managers, Trainers, and Agents

If you’re an owner, manager, trainer, or agent who wants to build a team, you need these strategies. Otherwise, you’ll only be supervising workers. Here are theA�truisms about how people work, and the strategies to developing leadership with the people who work with you:

TruismA�#1: People don’t know what’s expected of them. Just because people accept a position doesn’t mean they know how to proceed with the job.

Strategy: They need to have clear direction, a job description and a firm understanding of the responsibilities–prioritized. Do you have a job description for each of your team positions? Do you provide it prior to hiring? Do you coach to it? Do you help your team members get so good at it that they can start training new team members (move into leadership)?

A�Truism #2: People don’t know WHAT to do to get the job done. A�Even if you hire someone who has real estate experience, it doesn’t work to leave it to them to figure what exactly needs to be donea��from your point of view. They dona��t know your priorities. They dona��t know how you work.

Strategy: Provide them the processes and systems they need to succeed. Do you have processes and systems in place to teach them exactly what needs to be done?

A�Truism #3: Most people will struggle with the ‘how’.

Strategy: Ita��s your job to teach them HOW. Some people think a�?leadersa�? are the “idea people” and arena��t supposed to get into implementation. But if you want your team to excel, you must show them how.

Having worked with assistants for over 15 years, I have found that assistants and team members need help in systemizing any process that you want done. They need help in developing dialogues to deal with affiliates and consumer in the way you expect. They are good at systemizing their own processes–but not good at all at systemizing ours! Help them.

Do you have foundational systems in place from which to improvise? Do you have a solid training program to bring a new team member on board? Do you a method to a�?clonea�� yourself to develop someone who can take over your job?

A�Truism #4: When accountability factors aren’t built in, things don’t get done. There’s a great difference between “do it the way you want” and expecting results and “do it the way you want and let’s check how it’s going regularlya�?.

Strategy: Hold your team members accountable for each step along the way to completion of a task as well as the end result.

A�The pay-off for developing competency and leadership skills in all of your team members is a business that is a�?owneda�� by all those involved, with empowerment assured.

Vince Lombardi, one of the greatest football coaches of all time, said of teamwork, a�?Teamwork is the primary ingredient of success.a�?

Your goals is to develop processes, systems, and training for your team members to bring them into a leadership mentality with you, so you can delegate more responsibilities and finally replace yourself!

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