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Do We Need to Hire Younger Agents?


kid with magnifying glassDo we need to hire younger agents? The latest survey of buyers and sellers and the survey of real estate companies from the Association of Realtors reveals some interesting and provocative facts. These facts are from Profile of Buyers and Sellers from the National Association of Realtors and Profile of Real Estate Companies . A�I highly recommend you order this research yearly.

Disparity between Realtor Age and Buyer Age

The largest share of buyers remained in the 25 to 34 age group, which rose to 30 percent from 27 in 2011. But, the average age of the Realtor is 56, up from 51 in 2007. Thata��s a disparity.

Not Enough Realtors in Buyersa�� Age Range

Now, only two percent or real estate agents are under 30 years old. The majority of buyers are 25-34.

Do we need to start hiring younger agents?

Is Real Estate SalesA�a Good First Career?

According to the latest Profile of Real Estate Companiesa�� report, only 5% of Realtors said this was their first career. There are so many benefits to real estate sales: independence, entrepreneurship, financial independence, etc. My new book, What They Dona��t Teach You in Pre-License School, helps those thinking about real estate as a career make best choices.

Advice to recruiters: Start looking for self-starting younger, career-oriented people to revitalize your office AND meet the needs of your largest buying public.

The typical Realtor has been in the business 11 years, up from 6 years a few years ago. . The good news is that there is a high experience level. The bad news is that the business has changed dramatically. Are we doing everything we need to do to improve our customer satisfaction levels? Would hiring career-oriented agents help these gaps and disparities?

Where to Find Those Winners

If youa��re recruiting: According to the latest Realtor survey, prior business experience of Realtors was: 18% business/financial and 15% was sales. Tells you where you want to go to find the best new agents.

Everyone Has Their Strengths

Having been a licensee for longer than I want to remember now, Ia��m not discounting or disparaging the contributions and experiences of seasoned Realtors! But, Ia��m pointing out some of the needs of the industry. Too often, there is a resistance of managers to hiring new agents: they dona��t want to train them, therea��s too much turnover, therea��s too much start-up time, etc. But, as our workforce ages, we need solid strategies to replenish it with focus.

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