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Are You Driving Yourself Crazy Interviewing New Agents?


man with hair in airAre you driving yourself crazy interviewing new agents? Do you feel like a broken record–telling them the same things over and over again? Having interviewed hundreds of would-be and new licensees, I’ve always marveled how little they knew about the practical aspects of real estate. And, how much they rely on us managers to educate them in the interview. Yet, it can take many hours per candidate to do just that. Those candidates have questions like

  • Am I really cut out to sell real estate successfully? (not all are!)
  • How should I choose the right office?
  • What are managers looking for?
  • How will you get me started to make money before my savings are gone?
  • What are the secrets to succeeding?


Those pre-license courses just isna��t designed to provide a road map to real estate sales success.

Why Most of the Advice They Get Isn’t Enough

Sometimes these candidates think they’ll learn everything from talking to other agents. But, they dona��t have a wide enough perspective. They could even give some bad advice–not because they mean to hurt the candidate, but they dona��t have that a�?global viewa�� of real estate needed to get perspective.

Where to Get Unbiased Guidance

Carla Cross, a Realtor Educator of the Year, and author of 6 internationally published books on real estate, has interviewed hundreds of would-be agents. Shea��s coached and trained hundreds, too. Shea��s learned the questions would-be and new agents aska��and shea��s learned the answers they receivea��answers that may not be in their best interests. In her new eBook, What They Dona��t Teach You in Pre-License School, Carla lays it all out in a clear, entertaining and no-holds-barred manner. A�

Here are some of the things would-be and new agents learn in this fast-paced eBook:

  • Whether you have the behavioral a�?profilea�� of a successful real estate agenta��and whether youa��re going to lovea��or hatea��selling real estate
  • How to get ready to sell lots of real estate while youa��re still taking your pre-license course
  • How to absolutely match your goals with the right office for you so you dona��t make the wrong choice
  • The 10 secrets brokers wona��t tell you in the interviewa��and the questions that reveal them
  • 5 attributes of the manager youa��ll lovea��and get the most from
  • What a successful real estate agent does in a business day (so you can check your a�?guta�� and see if youa��ll like this job)
  • The most important technology youa��ll need on the first day of your new career (and how not to waste money on tech you dona��t need now)
  • What to do the first and second weeks youa��re in real estate to assure you launch a successful career
  • What company training programs willa��and wona��ta��do for you
  • The start-up business plan that puts you far ahead of the pack
  • How to handle those personality clashes as a new agent
  • The 4 fatal mistakes new agents make that doom their careers

As a manager, you’ll save so many precious hours of time by providing this eBook to good candidates. You’ll also show you aren’t afraid of giving them the whole picture–not just a ‘sales job’. And, you’ll know the questions they are going to ask you, so you can be prepared!

A Tool from the Ebook to Help Them Hit the Ground Running

Why should candidates wait until they are licensed to really get ready to sell real estate? I’ve made a checklist to help save time so they can make money fast once you’re licensed. Click here to get my 30-point checklist, 30 Things to Do in Pre-LIcense to Hit the Ground Running. You can use this list to give your great new hires a distinct advantage over others–a great recruiting tool!

what-they-dont-3d_coverSave time by informing candidates of all the practical aspects of real estate sales (including 10 things all agents should do for their managers!). Click here to find out more.





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