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Are You As Good as you Think You Are–an Evaluative Tool


Next week, I’m doing a symposium series for leadership in Charleston, SC. To prepare for that, I’m providing an ‘Evaluator’ that we use in our Leadership Mastery coaching program.

The Minute We Think We’re Perfect–We’re Not…

Things have changed so much in all of business–and, in real estate. Yet, I find many managers are managing just like they did 10 to 20 years ago! To keep up–and, best, stay a bit ahead, we need to constantly evaluate ourselves, and, as my friend Gary Keller says, ‘re-invent ourselves’.

The Performance World KNOWSA� About Evaluation

When I was growing up, I focused on becoming a good–okay, great–musician. Part of that was being evaluated by others regularly. I learned four things about performance evaluation:

1. Evaluating yourself is a good thing–but it’s not enough

2. You must be honest with yourself when you evaluate yourself

3. You need good evaluation tools–you have to know what good performance looks like

4. You need someone else to evaluate your performance, too (like a competent coach)

The Link to the Management Evaluator

Take about 10 minutes and evaluator yourself in the areas I believe are most important for a manager’s success. Here’s the link:A� Click here.

Note to general managers or owners who manage managers: This is an excellent tool to use during business planning, so you’ll know the training and coaching your managers want and need.


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  2. Carla Cross says:

    Thank you, Alivia. I appreciate the comment, and I’ll take a look at Christian Dillstrom’s blog, too. Best, Carla Cross

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