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Why Your Best New Recruits LOVE Reality


We’ve talked about the ‘romantic’ recruiting presentation, and the ‘realistic’ recruiting presentation. The trend is toward the ‘realistic’. Why? Besides the loss of your credibility, and increased difficulty to recruit with the ‘romantic’ presentation, herea��s another huge reason to go from a�?romancea�� to reality:

Better educated agents are coming into the industry.

Herea��s an excerpt from an article by Charles Dahlheimer in The Real Estate Professional, Recapping 2010: The Top Ten Trends at the End of the First Decade :

Real estate schools nationwide had been reporting declining numbers for their pre-license courses since the real estate bubble burst. However, the trend seems to be reversing, with classes once again beginning to fill.A� Even more significant is the fact that a much larger percentage of applicants for real estate licenses are coming from the ranks of seasoned business professionals. A�This as a result of corporate downsizing, early retirements and business closings.A� Real estate companies that have not focused on recruiting brand new agents might consider taking a second look at the Class of 2011.

Business-Background Agents Are Looking for a Realistic Interview

This is the kind of interview a business-savvy candidate expects:

An interview that a�?testsa�� thema��not just a shine-it-on, make promises interview

An interview that informs thema��exactly what will your training and coaching do for that person

An interview that tells the truth attractivelya��no a�?cana��t believe ita��s truea�� promises

Why? They have endured dozens of interviews as businesspeople (they may also have been the interviewer). They have studied interviewing. Theya��re not naA?ve about the skills of the interviewer. They have expectations for a professional interview process.

How realistic is your interview process? Are you successful in ‘telling the truth attractively?

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