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What’s your Job Description?


Whata��s your job description? Did you get one prior to taking your present position with your company? Very few managers did. If you didn’t,A� how do you know what to do every day? How do you know the priorities expected by your a�?bossa��? (Or, if youa��re the boss, how do you know your priorities?

Your Present Job Description

Did you have the opportunity to do the time analysis provided in my previous blog? If not, I suggest you go back to that blog and analyze the number of hours youa��re spending in

Business producing activities

Business supporting activities

That gives you a great idea about your actual, practical job description. Is it the one you want? Is it the job description you thought you were following?

A Prototype Job Description for You

Ia��ve created a prototype job description with hours allocated to various types of activities.

Click here to get it and compare it with your job description analysis. What do you think of my descriptions? What do you think of my hourly allocations?

After your analysis: What do you want to change to move your office forward? Do you need to move more into leadership, and away from a�?maintenance managementa��?

Awesome Leadership Strategies…….

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