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The Three Surprising Mistakes Coaches Make


coaching teaching skillsThis month, my blogs feature coaching–what it is, how to choose a coach, and how to find out if you’re coach able.

We managers are all told to ‘coach’. Yet, I’d estimate that less than 20% of managers actually coach their agents. Yes, they are available to answer questions and to handle crises. But, that’s not coaching. Coaching is a one-on-one conversation, with a laser focus. It is a process, not an event. Think of coaching like taking piano lessons. You learn one basic at a time. You practice–in your practice room you play for your teacher/coach. You don’t learn everything in one session. Your piano teacher is not there just to give you advice, either! Now, do you coach?

The Three Surprising Mistakes Coaches Make

No, I’m not going to give you the same ones you always hear. We know those, and we do a pretty good job avoiding them. But, here are the other big mistakes I see coaches mke (and I’ve made).

1. Thinking they are coaching but they are really giving advice only

How to correct: Be sure you are using a business start-up plan or a business plan from which to coach. Think of it as ‘developing your client’–not solving the client’s problems. In my experience, the better the client, the more the client gets into ACTION to demonstrate they are progressing (the difference between the piano student hearing the teacher play or critique and the piano student playing!). Which gets the player results?

2. Praising for inconsequential results

How to correct: First, let me explain what I mean. We’re told to give lots of positive reinforcement. But, we sometimes end up praising the client for things like wearing nice clothes, or having a clean car. Nice, but inconsequential to their improvement as a real estate professional……so, be sure you are rewarding the behaviors you want repeated!A�

3. Trying to coach without a game plan

How to correct: Be sure you have a solid plan for the client to follow. For the new agent, you provide the plan (they will embellish it anyway!). For experienced agents or leadership, you make the plan with them–but you have a template for making a plan. Otherwise, all kinds of fuzzy things end up in a plan (I once had an agent say, that, his objective was to be the most educated agent in the area. Right. He didn’t sell a stick of real estate!)

What mistakes do you see coaches make? How should we be correcting them?


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