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Recruiting: What Do Candidates Want?


We talked about the recruitingA�magnets that are the strongest. In order of weakest to strongest magnets, they are:

Company magnets

Office magnets


In the last blog, we investigated how to make your magnets, and how to reveal them to the candidate during the interview. The steps were:

A�A�A�A�A� Develop your a�?themea��

A�A�A� Who are you?

A�A�A�A� Relevant history (to those you are interviewing)

A�A� What you learned as a result of your life experiences

A�A� Why is that relevant?

A�A� Relate this to your candidate

The Other Side of the Coin

Now, we know the strongest category of magnets. We know how to develop our own magnets. But, we must also match those magnets to what candidates want. Even more than that, we must match them to what the candidates want that YOU want to hire!

First: Who are You Looking For? and Why?

Every situation is different. Before you finalize your magnets, you need to do a strong, critical description of the kind of agents you need for your specific situation.

Example: My Situation when I Took Over a Failing Office

Here was the situation in that failing office. Can you guess the kind of agents I needed to turn it around?

Herea��s my description of the kind of agents I needed.

Make a list here of the traits, qualities, and skills youa��re looking for in an agent.

What Gen X and Y are Looking For

This is a recent study of generation x and y candidates, and what they said they wanted:

How are you delivering to these needs? Do you have an agent leadership council? Do you have an open, participative leadership style? Have you a�?flattened the hierarchy?

In a future blog, wea��ll discuss much more of the new environment we must create to attract our next best agent.


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