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Recruiting and Selection: Two Shifts to Take to Recruit Gen Y


Are you still recruiting and selecting the same way you did 10-20 years ago? Are you still recruiting the same type of ‘re-treads’? Those ‘seasoned’ agents who don’t want to lead generate, don’t want to take risks–and are waiting for the market to return to a few years ago? Sorry. I’m not attempting to disparage anyone. But, I bet that got your attention!

Here are two shifts you must make to recruit younger, more energetic, more ‘willing to risk’ agents.

1. In the Interview: Stop Talkinga��and Stop Talking about Your Top Agent

Most interviews are not a�?interviewsa��. Theya��re sales jobs. Instead, make the interview all about that prospective agent. Ask many more questions. Find out that prospective agenta��s skills, his background, his values, his goals. DONa��T sell so much!

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Don’t Use that ‘Top Agent’ to ‘Sell’ Gen Y

Stop using the top agent as a a�?bell cowa��. The manager tries to convince that prospective agent to join because a�?the top agent in the company works herea�?. Heya��Gen Y doesna��t buy that, because the top agent works there, he too will be a top agent! Gen Y doesna��t care about that top agent. He wants to know how YOU are going to help him succeed. Besides, that top agent is probably one of those a�?seasoned agentsa�� Gen Y doesna��t want to hear about!

2. Stop Using the ‘Enabling Parent’ as a Management Style

Gen Y doesna��t want another parent. They want a mentor. They want a guide. They want someone who leads a team in a collaborative, not top down–environment. Drop out of your selection dialogue: a�?You have to be with us to succeed.a�? a�?Wea��ve always done it this way.a�?

I know that many large companies have recruited in the past by appealing to prospective agentsa�� need for security. In a way, thata��s still there. Prospective agents want to know that the company will be in business in a year! But, they dona��t want to hear that the company is old school, top-down, ruled by navy-blue suited men. And thata��s why that new agent will succeed. He NEEDS that. Dona��t get all huffy. Gen Y is used to diversity. They saw their mother tackle the ladder to success. They have much less respect for old-school authority. (What does that suggest about how you dress and where you interview?)

In my next blog, we’ll address two more ‘shifts’ you must take to re-invent your recruiting, selecting, and structures to attract Gen Y.

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