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How to Get It Right When You Hire That Next Manager


It’s probably the toughest thing we do–hire a manager. And, there’s little information to help us. That’s why I wrote this series of blogs. Here’s the third blog in this series.

Past Experience is a Huge Benefit

A�Look for a person who has been trained in another business as a trainer/coach/leader. This is really important. When I was finding and screening leadership for one of the largest franchises in the world, I found that the really a�?magica�� ingredient was that the potential leader had already had some experience in the skills of management.

A�The Second Pre-requisite to a Successful Management a�?Hirea��

Before you even think about hiring a manager, sit down and make a list of the duties you want that manager to do. This is your customized job description. Now, go back and prioritize those duties–with the most important ones first. Herea��s what I hope your list saysa��in this order:





Lead: Challenge and inspire seasoned agents to the next career level (retention)

Manage staff

A�Time Frames for Important Activities

A�Did you add time frames to that job description? If not, go back and do it now. You dona��t want a manager that pushes recruiting to the last hour in the daya��and then doesna��t get to it!

A�To get my managera��s detailed job description with hours expected, plus a time analysis you can use for all your managers, click here.

A�Doing all the other a�?Stuffa��

A�Wherea��s the rest of the a�?stuffa�?? I know. You have on your list a�?broker questionsa��, crisis managementa��, floor schedules, write adsa��a��a��but, guess what? You can get just about anybody to do those jobs. In fact, instead of hiring a real sales manager, if all you need is operations, hire an administrative assistant who can and will do it all (except for the broker questions, which you can field, or hire one of your good agents to field).A�

The All-too Common Problem: Hiring an a�?Operationsa�� Manager

A�I find too many owners or general managersa��anyone who needs to hire and manage a managera��are settling for an a�?operations managera��a��when what they desperately need is a people developing manager. What does a people developing manager do?

A�Finds the right people and develops them into productive salespeople who return a profit to you

A�You dona��t need a babysitter. You dona��t need just an a�?answer man (or woman). You dona��t need merely an operations person. You shouldna��t settle for just a a�?crisisa�� manager. You need someone who will focus on and drive recruiting and productivitya��lead that office into greater profitability, not just take up space in the managera��s office!A�

A�Youa��re Not Done Describing the Job

A�You need to go much further than just a prioritized job description. You need to attach your performance standards for management activities (minimum expectations for that person to retain his/her job) in each of these areas. For example:

A�How many hours a week do you expect your manager to recruit? (lead generate)

How many lead generating calls do you expect your manager to make per week?

How many interviews do you expect your manager to hold per week?

How many hours a week do you expect your manager to interview and select?

What are the selection standards you expect from your manager (who should be hired and who should not)?

How many hours a week do you expect your manager to train?

How many hours a week do you expect your manager to coach?

Who do you expect your manager to coach?

What leadership activities do you expect of your manager?

What staff/operation activities to you expect?

A�What do you expect your manager to do to increase the bottom line? Decide this in terms of:

A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Recruits per month (decide on your ratio of new or experienced)

A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Production per month

A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Moving your experienced agents from ____ revenue units (sales and listings sold) to ________ revenue units by _____________ (date)

A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Profitability increase of __________ in _____________ months

A�This specific standards agreement is usually missing in the hiring process. It takes awhile during our coaching sessions to develop a workable standards agreement for each situation. But, without a standards agreement, you havena��t laid out exactly what the job expectations are. You have no method to coach and hold your new manager accountable. And, if you need to terminate, you need to have measureable reasons to terminate.

A�Now, armed with your description of the ideal manager, your job description, and your standards agreement, youa��re ready to search for that a�?people developinga�� manager who will take your company to greater productivity.

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Dona��t forget to get my managera��s detailed job description, plus a time analysis you can use for all your managers: click here.

What didn’t I say in these blogs that you believe is important in hiring a great manager? Let me know.

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