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Business Planning: The Last Steps to Get That Love Back


During November and December, I’m writing about business planning, to inspire you to get your business plan done for next year. Managers, see Up and Running in 30 Days for agents’ businsss planning tips.

Youa��ve got to cracking on those first two steps to a great business plan that I gave you in my previous blog. Now, leta��s tackle the last two steps. Admittedly, you wona��t have an in-depth plan with these steps, but, you will have thought through the most important aspects for you to get ready to tackle. (and, I think you’ll be excited to get your plan done before the end of the year!).

Step three: Evaluating YOU

Rate yourself in the various management areas: recruiting, selection, coaching, training, retention, staff management, etc.

What have you mastered? What do you want to improve? This becomes your personal/professional training/coaching program for next year.

Step Four: What if

Complete this sentence:a�?If I did these three things next year, I would increase my productivity and profitabilitya�?:


Now, you have your a�?big rocksa�� for your business plan for next year done.

Business plans: Active and Breathing, or Stuck on a Shelf?

Youa��re not making a business plan as a financial plan to get money from a bank. Youa��re not creating this wonderful, mushy visionary plan. Youa��re thinking about your specific situation, and then creating an action plan. You will actually put these actions into your monthly and weekly schedule, and act on them! This is the plan you will revisit at least monthly, to measure your actions and results against what you planned.

Make it an action plan and you will get into action.

Want to see more on business planning? Check out my online programA�Beyond the Basics of Business Planning. All the instructional webinars and documents are online, and very easy to complete and implement. This is a program created exclusively for real estate owners and managers. And, when you purchase the manager’s package, you also get access to all the agent’s planning videos and documents.

Complimentary Business Planning Webinars

I’ve recorded 2 webinars for you to help you get inspired to plan for next year–and to give you information on what I believe are the biggest success strategies for the coming year. One webinar is for agents and one is for leadership.

Click here to view them.

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