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Business Planning: How Good a Coach are You?


Through December, I’m focusing my blogs on business planning. You’ll also find ready-to-use checklists, processes and systems in this blog and my blog for agents, Up and Running in 30 Days.

What percent of agents have business plans? From my surveying, I think less than 10%. Yet, we all know we want our agents to have plans. Why don’t they? I think a big reason is that we, as managers, don’t make the assumption that each agent HAS a business plan–and then act in a way that makes that come true.

A Message to Those Who Have Decided to Lead the Charge to Business Planning

You’ve decided that each of your agents will have a plan–and you’ll coach them to that plan. But, what do you watch for?

Click here to get my list of what should be in each agent’s business plan.

What are Common Agent Planning Mistakes?

Besides looking for what should be in a plan, you’ll also want to recognize common planning mistakes. From coaching hundreds of agents through the planning process, I know the common mistakes they make. Here’s my list:

Click here.

Let me know how these lists work for you. I’ve found that I had to be a very active leader and participant in the planning process to get my agents to create a plan. Then, I had to help them monitor, measure, and make adjustments. That way, I became an proactive participant with them in the process and the results. I became their coach.

Do your business planning the easy way. It took me years to put these systems together, and you don’t want to spend your time that way! Special pricing, too, on these systems through December.

Bonuses: A business planning webinar and a hard copy of the webinar for your use.

Check out The Business Planning System for the Real Estate Professional (for agents) and

The Business Planning System for the Owner, Manager, and Team Builder.


  1. I want to know if my coach is a good coach , she is funny and sometimes makes my lessons fun but most of the time she talks to other coaches and talks to other people and in my head I always think please pay attention to me because I want to Learn … But some of her other pupils are better than me and I want to improve and be at their level , I used to have a Russian coach and he was really good but I left him for my new coach , he didn’t want to teach me anymore because I had two coaches.

  2. Carla Cross says:

    In my opinion, coaches should focus only on their clients during coaching sessions. I assume you are paying for the coaching, and that’s a reasonable expectations. I set aside more time than is allotted to each coaching client, and assure that the client has my undivided attention. Have you spoken to your coach about this? Best to clarify your expectations. If it doesn’t improve, consider a different coach, and get those expectations agreed upon up front.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Carla Cross

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