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Are You Hiring for Tomorrow–or Yesterday?


finger wantHow long has it been since you evaluated your hiring practices? Have they kept pace with real estate and market changes? Or, are you still saying things like, “You’ve got to be with us to be successful.”A� Whoops…..

Hiring to New Standards

You probably went through some challenging times, and your market is picking up. But, don’t fall back to those hiring practices of ‘I’ll give everyone a chance….or ‘I’ll see if he makes it.’A� Why? Because, when the market changes AGAIN you’ll go right back into your slump–with agents who won’t go to work!

Hire Like It’s a Challenging Market

Protect yourself in all markets. Hire those who can thrive in any markets–not just forgiving ones.

Make this your mantra:

To create even a median business, the agent must act like the mega-agent acts– in any market. That means:

  • The median agent must pro-actively lead generate (cana��t wait for leads as they were able to do in an a�?on firea�� market)
  • The median agent must be practiced and packaged (must have good sales skills and presentations)
  • The median agent must devote more than 30 hours a week to selling real estate (the consumer has rejected the part-timer)
  • The median agent must have an active database
  • The median agent must come to work every day

Managers: Reading this, do you believe success waits for the non-committed part-timer in this a�?new normala�� atmosphere?

Do you believe the part-timer can deliver what the consumer expects?A� Could it be hurting you to retain these part-timers?

What questions you should be asking?

What expectations should you be stating–and get agreement on?

A Complimentary Selection Tool for You

Click here to get the 8 steps of the interview process. Use this every time you interview to assure you’re covering all the bases. And, take a look at Your Blueprint for Selecting Winners.A�A�A�

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