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Are Your Career Nights as Boring as They Think They Are?


teacher at boardHow can you put some life into your Career Nights? Too often Career Nights fail to achieve either the goals of the attendee or the presenter. Not only that, they’re just plain boring! In this blog, I’ll show you how to put some energy into your career nights to get more audience participation AND help you stand out as an exceptional manager.

Your Goals for Career Nights

WhatA� do you want to accomplish? Just get candidates to attend, or, do you also want to screen them? Do you want to make appointments with everyone, or those who are really qualified to meet with you? If you want to do more than get attendance, you’ll need to create Career Nights that not only have information, they have


What do I mean? In your Career Nights, you’ll want to explain your point of view of real estate. Do you accept anyone? Do you accept part-timers? If so, do you have a ‘drop dead’ date? (when the part-timer must go full-time?) Unless you convey your standards, you’ll find yourself interviewing everyone. And, in truth, many of those who are thinking about getting a license aren’t interested in selling more than a very few homes. There are companies who welcome those people. Are you such a company?

Add the ‘Why’

As you explain real estate, and your company, be sure to include the ‘why’. Why do you hire those who can commit a majority of their work day to selling real estate? How long does it take? What are the upsides or downsides of being part-time? Think all these considerations through, and explain your point of view fairly, so candidates can screen themselves. The ones who are matches will want to interview with you. The ones who aren’t will be drawn to a different company culture.

The Attendees’ Goals for Career Nights

What do you believe the attendee wants? Why not start your Career Nights by telling attendees what you will explore. Then, ask them what they want to accomplish. Write both those lists on the board. Tell the attendees how you can meet their goals–and when you can’t.

Make it Participative and You’ll Make it Interesting

Too often, Career Nights are facts and figures–plus lots of advice–about selling real estate. If that delivery worked, wouldn’t we have a lot more successes in the field? Instead of a ‘now hear this’, include some questionnaires to find out the candidates’ intentions and help them clarify why they want to sell real estate.

How to Get Participation

You’ll want to do more than ask questions so the attendees can raise their hands! Instead, use some planned events. Here’s one internal survey you can use. It’s how to self-analyze attributes for success. It’s excerpted from my new eBook, What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School.

After you have candidates complete the survey, you can lead a discussion on what they learned from taking the survey. You can also discuss the attributes of successful agents.

what-they-dont-3d_coverSpecial Career Night Package

When you order my eBook this month, I’m including several figures extracted from the book that you can use for your Career Nights, including:

  • Job Description of a Successful Real Estate Agent (great to show them what activities are done in specific priorities by successful agents)
  • What’s your Ideal Job? (another great survey to give your candidates during career nights)
  • Qualities of Successful Real Estate Agents (so they can match their qualities to successful agents)
  • A method to determine your monthly living costs so you can figure out how much money you need to make in real estate
  • Business producing activities (so you can talk about time management and the critical activities that determine success

How do you want to infuse interest, participation, and your standards into Career Nights?

Time management tip: Why not order the eBook What They Don’t Teach you in Pre-License School for your Career Night candidates that make the ‘first cut’? You’ll save hours of time and help them generate great questions.



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