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Are you a Manager or a Leader?


This January, I’m featuring the topic ‘leadership’. Why? Because it’s one of the biggest real estate industry trends (and probably world trends) of 2012 and beyond. Look for leadership strategies and trends (not just in the real estate industry), plus ready-to-use documents to go from ‘maintenance management’ to leadership. And, check out my complimentary webinar on Jan. 30 on leadership, trends, and what you should do about it! See more at the end of this blog.

Are you a manager or a leader?

In truth, if you’re managing day to day, you hopefully are both. Why? Because there are normal, repetitive things you need to do as a manager, and there are those bold, new, innovative steps you need to take to move your office forward. Here’s my quick definition of management:

Management: Managing the day-to-day tasks of a real estate office

Leadership: Creating the vision, values, and strategic ‘moves’ that move an organization from maintenance to vision-attainment

To further define the differences, let’s look at what I call ‘maintenace’ management:

Maintenance Management: Doing the day-to-day tasks that keep an organization operational; a tactical approach; a somewhat defensive approach

How do you know if you’re a maintenance manager or, if you’re doing some leadership actions?

It’s not easy. Everyone talks about leadership, but has trouble identifying leaders. In fact, one company owner I worked for has been called a ‘visionary leader’.A�From working closely with him for many years, I know him to be a very tactical thinker. There’s nothing wrong with tactical thinking, when it’s appropriate. But, without a strong vision, and the true leadership activities that relate to and move the organization to that vision, you’re just maintaining the stability of the company.

Why Visionary Leadership is Important

When I worked for this tactical owner, I could see he didn’t have a real core reason for what he was doing. He just copied other owners in his brain-storming group. So, we were constantly changing course, trying new things without logic, and wasting money and talent going down too many paths at once. In addition, we would start a new project seemingly every week, and none got defined, refined, measured, and retooled. It was very frustrating to see some good ideas not developed! To compound the errors, people let him to believe that all these disparate, poorly-developed tactics were effective (just feeding his ego.)A�A�

Does this ring some bells with you?

In my next blog, I’ll show you a contrast between the activities a maintenance manager does and what a leader does.

Exercise: Write down 3 ‘moves’ you made last year that were new to you, that took you out of your comfort zone and moved your company ahead. My question: Were these strategies related to fulfilling your vision, or, were they done just because you wanted to do them or heard someone else had success with them?

Complimentary Leadership/Management Webinar

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