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Your Customer Service: Costing or Making You Money


Have you ever met anyone who would admit they provided poor customer service? Ia��ll bet not. Yet, wea��ve all stood around waiting in a restaurant to be noticeda��while the hostess or server gossiped with the other staffa��and then seemed as though we were interrupting something important to want to be served!

How would you rate your agents on customer service? Are they working from the ‘eyes of the beholder’ or are they thinking ‘inside out’? (from their point of view)

Which Service Would You Recommend?

I just experienced a situation thata��s a good example of good and terrible customer service. I wanted a pop-up window on my new website ( to invite viewers to get my new eBook, Getting to Yes: Ten Powerful Tools to Bash those Barriers to Purchasing Today and join my newsletter community. So, in May, I ordered and paid for the recommended pop-up. I got a receipt from the credit card company. Thata��s all I got. I didna��t get any follow-up emailsa��no communication.

When I got ready to implement the pop-up, the website wouldna��t let me register! So, I emailed AND called the owner. He didna��t respond. I called and emailed again. He didna��t respond. This went on for 3-4 weeks. Finally, I got frustrated and bought a different pop-up.

A Different Experience

I immediately got a welcome email from the second company. Then, I got 2 more emails. And, I finally got the 4th emaila��all within the first week. Each email thanked me for being a customer and offered me helpful tips.

A Little Latea��..

Right after I gave up on that first pop-up, the owner emailed me with the log in information.

So, which pop-up do you think I kept, and which pop-up did I ask for my money back? You got it.

Customer service is 90% of sales today.

Our Experiences Let Us Be Fortune Tellers

I dona��t know for sure, do I, whichA� pop-up will provide the best on-going service. I dona��t know which pop-up is best. But, what I do know, is that, given my experience, the first pop-up isna��t going to help me out if I get stuck!

What About Your Agents’ Service

What does your agents’A� response rate say about them? Do they have a a�?professional rulea�� about when you respond to inquiries? Most agents dona��t. In fact, a recent National Association of Realtors survey said that half the Realtors NEVER respond to internet inquiries.

Ita��s So Easy to Stand Out from the Crowd

You dona��t have to be a top producer. You dona��t have to be a technical genius. All you have to do to succeed is to put yourself in your customera��s shoes and think,

a�?How would I like to be treated? How would I like to be answered? What makes me trust a person? What makes me walk away from the product or service?a�? Youa��ve got it. Youa��re on your way to a stellar reputation and business.

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