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Webinars: 9 Tips to ‘Execute’ Like a Pro


Is there a webinar in your future? Webinars arena��t just for trainers, or even managers. Theya��re for agents to use, too. You can educate your potential clients, help first-time home buyers, record webinars for your websitea��the list is almost endless. They are an additional marketing tool for you.

Boring….or even Painful?

Ia��m sure youa��ve attended webinars that were boringa��even painful. Here areA� nine tips to assure your webinars are a�?executeda�� like the pros.

1. Practice. It is amazing how many real estate professionals never practice any type of presentation. That would be like me, a musician, trying to play a recital without practicing! You can put your webinar software in a�?practicea�� mode. Then, run through your webinar as though you had an audience.

2. Timing. Time your webinar to assure you dona��t go over 45 minutes. Be sure to take into account the amount of time your polls will take.

3. Have the right number of slides for your time frame. You should introduce a new slide at least every 1-2 minutes. So, for a 45-minute a�?showa��, you should have about 20-30 slides. When youa��re practicing, be sure to move through those slides fast enough. Youa��ll see that you dona��t want to put many words on a slide, either.

4. Print your webinar slides 2-3 on a page. You can save them in a PDF format. (In the next blog I’ll talk about how to market your webinar. You’ll be using the PDF of your slides, anyway here). Why? Because ita��s difficult to see part of your slides with some webinar software. Also, youa��ll want to have a method of capturing your a�?dialoguea�� with the slides. Make notes on your printed slide pages so you remember any stories, additions, etc. you want to make verbally to each slide. Remember, you must be entertaining!

5. Introduction. When you start your webinar, tell webinar attendees how youa��ll proceed. How will you:

  • Handle questions?
  • Do polls?
  • Provide handouts?
  • Provide contact information after the webinar

6. Verbal delivery. Because people cana��t see you, you need to use lots of a�?verbal dynamicsa�� when you present. What do I mean? Youa��ll want to use abundant voice inflections. Lower your voice when ita��s appropriate. Raise it to make a certain point. Pause for effect. Listen to webinar presenters to see whata��s most effective. The webinar attendees cana��t see you, so you need to use your voice to transmit emotion.

7. Use a remote wireless slide advancer to change your slides. Youa��ve seen presenters use those a�?livea��. You can get one at any office supply company. Generally, I use one that attaches to my computer via a USB device.

8. Use a moderator. Having someone moderate or control your webinar is a great idea, especially if youa��re newer at webinars. Things can go wrong! Your moderator can handle any technical issues, introduce you, if you wish, and a�?chata�� with attendees. Your moderator can capture questions and give them to you during the webinar, or at the end, too.

9. Use a telephone connection, not your computer microphone. Generally, youa��ll get better sound. I use a headset when Ia��m doing webinars.

Armed with those 9 tips, you’ll execute like a pro!

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