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Trainers: How to Market Your Course Creatively


head in the sand a salespersonTrainers: How are you going to market that great course you’ve written? It can be the best thing they’ll ever attend, but, if you don’t promote it, they’ll never know! Here are several methods to increase your own credibility, let people know about your course, and gain more followers.

1. Include your biography in the outline. Target it to the specific student group you are teaching. This can be at the front or in the appendix. You can use your biography as a handout prior to the class, too.

2. Create an introduction that spotlights you as the expert in this subject. Here is an introduction I use when I’m introduced to agents for a presentation:A� Intro Agents 2012. Here is an introduction I use when I’m introduced to a group of managers/owners: Intros Managers.

3. Provide a course survey to get feedback and testimonials. Use these testimonials on your website, in the course information, and record audio and video testimonials onsite (I’m going to do that when I speak in Mexico in a fest days).A� There is an example of a testimonial in the resource on how to write a course.When Ia��m not doing a a�?livea�� course, I use Survey Monkey to gather feedback.

4. Create a database of everyone who should take your course, or who hasna��t taken your course, and contact them when youa��ve scheduled your course.

5. Write blogs or articles about your course subject as a series to promote your course coming up. (As I’m doing for my new resource on how to write a course–right here!) Create a small preview of the course and give it a�?livea�� in various real estate offices.

6. Use course scheduling websitesA� such as EventBrite. They’re easy to use and you don’t have to create a website and shopping cart to register attendees.

What ideas to you have for promoting your course? Get creative, have fun, and have a spectacular course!

Expert Guidance to Write that Great Course!

SSS_coverIf you’re serious about writing that great course, this is the resource for you. Step by step, Carla Cross, who has written courses for Re/Max, Better Homes and Gardens, Keller Williams Realty, GMAC, Royal LePage, and CRB, shows you exactly how to create your course and your outline. And, for those Washington state instructors, she shares tips on how to get your course approved for clock hours.

This resource is digital. You will get access immediately.

Introductory bonus: Keys to a Killer Introduction


2 instructional videos
Templates to use as guides for course creation
Examples of courses
2 ‘cheat sheets’ to write your course modules
Guidance in how to get your course approved in Washington state.

With 95 pages, this resource, along with the 2 instructional videos, shows you exactly how to create a course that has substance, sizzle, and ‘sell’!

Thank you for a wonderful class on writing a course. This practice and hands on class has given me the confidence and tools I need to move forward with my course curriculum. I feel I have been given a business race car and I can move forward towards my dream of training agents across the country. A�Mary Lee, former head of training for Windermere Real Estate, Spokane, Wa.

Introductory price:A� $149A�A� Click here for more information and to order. You’ll get immediate access to the 95-page resource guide and 2 instructional videos.



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