The Four Steps to Put the ‘Spring’ into Your Business Right Now.
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The business is definitely picking up–yet, many agents are still on the sidelines, looking at the game, as though they were ‘benched’! Don’t let that happen to you. According to a study by one of the largest real estate firms in the Northwest, March/April is historically the highest buying time of the year. Why? Buyers are purchasing now so they can move when school is out. What do I mean by ‘buyers’? Anyone who is buying or selling.

Getting Back into the Game

Here are four steps to take now to assure you are on the A team, and are definitely in the game, along with recommendations for managers to coach your agents back into the game:

1. Polish your database. I know. It’s been languishing while you’ve been on the bench. Now is the time to purge, polish, and publish.
Recommendation: Add 50 clients to your database each week for the next 3 months, until you have a very robust, up to date database. It’s your first step in recognizing who your leads actually are.

Manager’s recommendation: Meet with each of your agents, and actually see their databases. You may be surprised at the lack of organization. This will be your opportunity to coach your agent to a great database.

2. Lead generate as though you were employing yourself (your are). Set aside 2 hours each day in the morning to lead generate–5 days a week. Get back to work. Buyers are out there, waiting for you to contact them!
Recommendation: Switch your lead generating activities to 60% proactive, 40% reactive.

Want to know your ratios now? Email me at for a copy of the business planning internal review, excerpted from my business planning resources.

Manager’s recomendation: Use this internal business review to coach your agent to a proactive approach to lead generation.

3. Lead generate to your best sources–those people who thought you were wonderful–but you haven’t kept in touch.
Recommendation: Choose 5 people a day who you know will absolutely love to hear from you. Why? You need positive reinforcement to get back in the game.

Manager’s recommendation: Coach your agents with methods to re-establish those relationships. In my next blog, I’ll share the “Mallory Survey”, a wonderful, simple method to touch base with those who love you, and get some powerful testimonials, too.

4. Spend some money–but the right money. A recent study showed agents spent the most money on direct mail, their websites, and print advertising. Yet, two of the three top business-getters were referrals and repeat business! (and none of these 3 money-burners were in the top three!). Isn’t it ironic that they spent much more money on those lead generating activities that didn’t pay off?
Recommendation: Go back through your business last year, using that internal business review I mentioned. Then, add up the marketing dollars you spent you your best sources, vs. the marketing dollars you spent on your worst sources. I’ll bet you find the same conclusions.

Manager’s recommendation: Use that same internal business review to help your agents see where they spent their money, and help them make changes for better marketing pay-offs.

For a complete business planning ‘template’, which includes several review analyticals, see The Business Planning Sytem for the Real Estate Professional.

Armed with these 4 action steps, you’ll not only get back in the game, you’ll conquer the game. Remember, you have less competition now, and a huge pent-up demand for your services. Take advantage of it and find all those people who will think you’re wonderful 2 years from now, when interest rates are up and home prices have appreciated!

Note: These recommendations, along with fascinating, helpful, and proven statistics from recent studies of top agents are a part of my presentation, From Lambs to Lions: Conquering a Challenging Market. Contact me if you’d like to either have me present ‘live’ to your group, or do a very interactive, fun webinar for you. I’m here to support your success!