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Social Media: Your Agents’ ‘Magic Bullet’?


Social Media: Are your agents counting on it as their a�?magic bulleta��? First, before you read this, let me tell you that many of you will be angry or bereft at the opinions in this blog. Just hang in there, though, until you see the a�?whya�� of it.

Social Media. There are more classes on it, more talk about it, and more agents are worrying about it than any topic in real estate. That may cause them to think that ita��s the most important ingredient to an agenta��s success. But, not so fast. Who is telling them that? Are they people who have been successful real estate agents? Or, are they technology gurusa��or, worse yet, people who want to sell agents their services?

Industry Leaders Dona��t Agree with Social Media Gurus

Whenever I write an article about where social media fits into an agenta��s business life, I get emails from respected industry leaders who are very concerned that social media is prioritized wrongly as a critical ingredient for an agenta��s success. Why would leaders think this? Because they see agents avoiding the big priorities the leadership thinks will make them successful. They also see them looking for the easier a�?magic bulleta��.

What are those big priorities for success?

Business producing activities: proactive lead generation, working with buyers and sellers, listing properties, selling properties, and listings that sell.

But, mom, isna��t there another way? Isn’t there an answer that didn’t require me to put up with all that rejection?A� I wish there were. However, all the successful real estate agents I know spend lots of time in those business producing activities. They arena��t looking for the a�?magic bulleta��. (Well, they already know what that magic bullet is: Meeting and working with people to form long-term professional relationships).

I Love Houses and Technology; I Just Hate People

Do you have those agents who spend a majority of time at their computers? Do they spend little time pro-actively lead generating?A� Are they always looking for a way to spend less time with potential clients and more time away from a�?contacta��? Are they thinking maybe social media will allow you more ‘arms length’ from that scary consumer? Herea��s what to be aware of:

Behavior thata��s rewarded is repeated.

By being the a�?go to guya�� about technology and/or social media, those agents may be working themselves into different jobs. They actually may be in the wrong business. Successful real estate agents look for opportunities to meet and work with people. They dona��t put technology a priority instead of people.

Whata��s Social Media For?

In my next blog, Ia��ll help prioritize social media in a business plan, and show you a neat way to think about marketing in context of social media.

Did I say social media wasna��t important to agents’ businesses? Not exactly. But, to make it pay off correctly, they must use it correctly. See that next blog to find out what I mean.

Managers: Be sure you are helping your agents prioritize their businesses correctly. If they need help in keeping those priorities right, get them Up and Running in 30 Days.


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