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Social Media: Are You Using It Right to Recruit?


Social Media: Are you using it right to recruit? In the next few blogs, I’ll breaking down five specific strategies you need to implement to recruit those very valuable Gen X and Gen Y agents to your office. Here’s the first one.

  1. Recruiting: Communicate Value-Based Messages with New Media

Have you added social media to your recruiting strategies? If not, ita��s time to start. As you do, be careful of the kind of messages you createa��and the mediums in which you create them.

What social media probably WONa��T do for you. Dona��t expect your next great agents are going to see one or two of your posts, email you, and enthusiastically join you! Social media is mainly a method to communicate via a�?institutional marketinga��a��that is, to continually offer messages that reinforce your competitive positiona��your unique value. How are you communicating your unique value? Do you have a separate recruiting website (blog)? Do you have a FacebookA� business page?

Stop Selling Here

Dona��t try to sell them on these sites! Provide helpful information. Pretend they are just getting to know you. Go slowly and establish a relationship. This is the era of FREE information. When providing that information, remember to imbue every bit of that information with the look, the feel, and the words that reinforce your unique values.

Review your Values

How to find those values? Look at your vision and mission statements.

Which mediums should you use? Use more video and lots less words. Gen Y is used to seeing short uTube videos. Make your videos no more than 3 minutes.

By the way, I found neat (and free up to a point) software you can use to post audios and videos to your WordPress blog (or your website): The reasons I like this software are that you can post longer videos than uTube allows, and it will post automatically to your site. You just put your cursor where you want it to post.

You can also do educational webinars with any of the various webinar tools, record them, and post them to your website with

Want to make a recorded webinar and post it? I use .

We Believe What We See, Not What We Hear

Who should you feature in your videos?

All the people involved with helping that agent develop a great career: your president, your manager, your training director, your mentors. Also, feature testimonials from other Gen Y agents in your office. Remember: A third party endorsement is much stronger than your saying it!A� (Besides, if youa��re in the average broker age group, Gen Y doesna��t believe you so mucha��..)

Think Internet Advertising is the Answer?

Some advice about inquiries from Craiga��s List, Career Builder, etc. When you place ads in non-targeted places like employment sites, you must also have a dynamic screening system. Develop some a�?knock-outa�� questions for you or your assistant. Develop a great interview process. Otherwise, youa��ll be spending time with candidates who really shouldna��t be candidates.

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