It doesn’t have to be that way….yet, we presenters keep making the same mistakes again and again. Why?

Because we’re copying someone. We don’t realize the strategy they’re using is actually hurting them, not helping them. Who are these presenters? Anyone who gets up in front of an audience as a speaker, facilitator, salesperson, or coach. (This applies to you, too, if you’re a real estate agent doing listing and buyer presentations!).

Six Fatal Mistakes: One Per Video

In this quick video series, you’ll see the six mistakes we presenters make.. And, you’ll get some tips on how to replace these mistakes with strategies and techniques that work–every time.

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Fatal Mistake #1: Winging It with No Structure

Too often, presenters feel they can do a great job because they’re great talkers. So, they just get up and—-talk—and talk—and talk. Sometimes it’s interesting. And, depending on the talking ability of the speaker, it kind of works.

The problem: If we get stuck, we don’t know how to get out. We don’t know how to close. So, we just quit talking. Admit it. It’s happened to many of us—or we’ve been in the audience when it’s apparent the speaker had no structure for his talk.

You Can’t Replicate Talent, But You Can Replicate Process

As a musician, I know I can’t teach someone to do something if that ‘something’ can’t be replicated. What can’t be replicated? Talent. Feeling. Intention. What can be replicated:

Skills, strategies, techniques, processes

You Don’t Need Great Talent. You Need Skill.

You need a process you can count on—plug in an opening, a middle, and a close. In my Instructor Development Workshop and Train the Trainer online course, I show you two fail-safe structures to use: The Pop Song Structure (my musical background showing) and the Cheat Sheet Workshop Structure. They always work—and the pros use these to construct effective sales presentations and behavior-changing workshops.

Bottom line: Never get in front of people without having built your presentation with a proven structure.

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