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Myths and Truisms about Team Leadership


Leadership is one of the most neededa��and most elusive of management skills. In fact, studies show that most managers arena��t leaders. Yet, in this challenging time, we must go way past management to leadership. Why? Because we have to inspire extra effort. We have to motivate to assure tenacity. This is true of those of us who manage real estate offices, and those agents who have teams.

Four Truisms–Exploding the Myths

Here are the truisms to developing leadership with the people who work with youa��and the myths that mislead us as we attempt to lead:

Truism #1: People don’t know what’s expected of them. Just because people accept a position doesn’t mean they know how to proceed with the job. They need to have clear direction, a job description and a firm understanding of the responsibilities. Do you have a job description for each of your team positions?

Truism #2: People don’t know HOW to get the job done. Even when people know what to do, they don’t usually have checklists, systems, deadlines, and assignments to get it done. Even if you hire someone who has real estate experience, it doesn’t work to leave it to them to figure it out. (95 percent of the time, the other 5 percent will figure it out on their own)A� That just confuses the issue. Dona��t leave them alone to decide how to get the job done. Do you have processes and systems in place to teach them?

Truism #3: Ita��s your job to teach them HOW. Some people think a�?leadersa�? are the “idea people” and arena��t supposed to get into implementation. But if you want your team to excel, you must show them how. Having worked with assistants for over 15 years, I have found that assistants and team members need help in systematizing any process that you want done. They are good at systematizing their own processes–but not good at all at systematizing ours! Help them. Do you have foundational systems in place from which to improvise?

Truism #4: When accountability factors aren’t built in, things don’t get done. There’s a great difference between “do it the way you want” and expecting results and “do it the way you want” and let’s check how it’s going regularly. Hold your team members accountable for each step along the way to completion of a task as well as the end result.

Your Pay-Off

The pay-off for developing competency and leadership skills in all of your team members is a business that is a�?owneda�� by all those involved, with empowerment assured. Dispel the myths and lead with the truisms.

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