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My Big ‘Red Flags’ in the Interview Process


For the last few blogs, I’ve been blogging about that all-important interview process. We’ve talked about the dangers of ignoring the red flags. We’ve investigated how to discover those red flags.A� Ia��ll bet you have certain a�?red flagsa�� that pop up during the selection process that drive you nuts. I do, too. These include the following comments from the candidate:

a�?I just want to hang my licensea�? (usually stated over the phone; my response is that I want to hang them…)

A�What are your commissions?a�? a�� stated in the first five minutes of the interview (I’ve never interviewed an agent I hired who started the interviewA�A�A�A� that way)

a�?I want a special deal.a�? –also usually stated in the first five minutes of the interview, or even over the phone (what makes them so ‘special’?)A�

Personally, I have never interviewed a candidate who was a a�?fita�� with one of my offices when they led with commission questions.

A�Other Red Flags

A�The candidate wona��t fill out any paperwork (pre-appointment questionnaire or application)

They a�?drop ina�� and expect me to drop everything to meet with them (they must think we managers just sit around waiting for Their Excellencies to show up)

Theya��re late to the interviewa��or just dona��t show up

They obviously didna��t make an effort to dress in business attire for the interview (I realize this varies greatly by area, but you can tell if the person made an effort).A�

Specific Red Flags To Notice in the Interview ItselfA�

They wona��t answer my questions, or, when they answer, they answer as though it was a question for me to acknowledge

They wona��t let me set the structure and tone of the interview (they immediately want to know what I will do for them)

They say they dona��t know their production for the past yeara��with any metrics

They defend their low production and/or are accepting of a few transactions a year

They dona��t have an idea of how they will change their production for the better

They seem enamored with the companies that have already hired them in a 15-minute a�?interviewa�? (low self-esteem, anyone?)

They have been a�?solda�� on the companies that tell them they will provide them leads

They want to be hired a�?on the spota��. Theya��re not willing to do a 2-interview process, even when I explain the benefits to themA�

As you can tell from my red flags, my values and vision drive my judgement about these candidates.

What are your a�?Red Flagsa��?A�

One brokera��s red flags may be another brokera��s acceptable standards. What are yours? List five red flags or knock-out factors. What process or system do you have to discover them? Decide whether you would absolutely not hire an agent who demonstrated that behavior, or whether it was a minor flag. Finally, how many of those minor red flags do you need to identify before you rule that candidate not suitable for your team?

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