Create confidence in real estate

Here’s how you can help your real estate agents gain confidence. When they are new, or struggling, their confidence quickly ebbs. One of the ways you can build their sense of confidence is to help them create a biography. However, most real estate agent biographies are not very good. In fact, they can do more harm than good. That’s why I created my biography questionnaire with tips on writing bios. See it here.

Coach and Counsel Them: Create Retention

Counseling your agents and taking them through the biography-writing process will strengthen your bond with them, teach you about their valued backgrounds, and create in them confidence that they have value to clients. This is great agent retention tool!

Here’s a common situation:

You’re a new agent, or an agent struggling to establish a track record. You know you need to create some statement reflecting who you are and why clients should work with you. But, you can’t brag about your gazillions of sales or happy clients. So, how do you promote yourself? How do you create an effective biography?

In this video, I’ll put your concerns to rest. I’ll show you the three big mistakes agents make in creating their biographical statements (even when they are very successful).

Creating a biography that reflects YOU is one of your first steps in branding yourself. Your biography should

  1. Be consistent across all social media platforms.

2. Reflect your strengths.

Watch the video here.

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Much more advice, training, and success:

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