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How to Get your Agents a Business Plan–Finally….


Okay. Leta��s face it. Ita��s difficult to get your agent to create that business plan. But, you know he/she needs one, right? In the next few blogs, Ia��ll give you the guidance you need to get workable plans for your agents. Herea��s the first tip:

Model the process.

What do I mean? Create your own plan, so you know how the process works. Most brokers don’t have business plans. No wonder they dona��t feel confident in helping their agents plan. So, your first step is to create your own plan. Your plan should include:

A review of your office for this last year. This is the step most planners leave outa��.so they dona��t get any a�?hintsa�� for the future from their own past! Thata��s like trying to market your product without knowing why people love it. A review will also give you a�?talking pointsa�� with your agents about their own plans. Especially look at these statistics:

  1. Number of listings taken to listings solda��in normal market time (you will look at this with your agent, too)
  2. Percentage of sales to listings sold (you will look at this with your agent, too)

Not Totally Confident in Answering All those Agent Questions?

Get some help. Ia��ve developed a business plan coaching series for brokers, to coach thema��and their agentsa��through the business planning process. It includes the 15 major planning documents from The Business Planning System for the Real Estate Professional, (at 20% off during November, too), a pre-coaching call with the broker, a webinar to teach the agents how to plan, and how to use the planning pages, and a follow-up webinar to check on how the agents are doing with their plans. Finally, therea��s a coaching eBook for the broker, to help the broker over any challenge areas.

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