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Have You Thought about your Business Plan for 2014?


many peole standing recruitingHave you thought about your business plan for 2014? Yes, it seems it was just summer! But, that planning season is just around the corner (I hope you’re planning in November). To help you get that plan together, I’ll be doing business planning blogs exclusively in November and December. And, I’ve got a very exciting guest blogger (or two) that you’ll be reading sometime during this series. Plus, I always provide some planning documents from my online business planning programs, Beyond the Basics of Business Planning.A�

What Should be Different about your Planning Process This Year?

Business planners internationally are really changing how they do the business planning process. Yet, the real estate community is decades behind the times. One of the areas where we’re behind is who we involve in the process. We generally do it by ourselves, and then present it to our agents (if we share it at all!) That’s really, really old style! And, it just doesn’t work very well.

Gain new planners! This year, you shouldn’t do your plan by yourself. Instead, you should involve your agents in the plan. How should you do that? I will discuss this in the free business planning webinar that I’m giving Nov. 22 (see below).A� When you involve your agents in your plan, you

1. Get agents excited about a common focus for your office

2. Help agents create their plans by showing them the planning model

3. Show your agents you actually create a plan!

4. Demonstrate you are a leader

I created the business planning process through my book on business planning I wrote for real estate professionals (the only such internationally published book). Through test marketing the planning process I’ll share with you, I found out how to accomplish the 4 points above. I will show you how on Nov. 22. Join me!A� Plan_Act_Celebrate

Complimentary Business Planning Webinar Nov. 22

Join me for a complimentary business planning webinar ONLY for leadership (owners, managers, recruiters, trainers).A� We’ll discuss the 4 big shifts we need to make in our business planning to create plans that work for today and tomorrow (these are shifts the international business community is leading with. You won’t hear this in any other real estate business planning webinar, seminar, or course!

What: 4 Big Shifts You Need to Make in your Business Planning Process

When: Nov. 22

Time: 1-2 PM PST (that’s 4 PM Eastern, 3 PM Central, 2 PM Mountain)

Click here to register.


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