• 3.4 min readPublished On: September 21, 2020

    What Magic Johnson Can Teach Us About Business–and Life

    You know who this is. Read how he turned an exceptional basketball career into an even more successful business career. [...]

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  • 1.2 min readPublished On: August 6, 2019

    What are Your Standards and Expectations of your Agents?

    Do your agents know what's expected of them? Or, is ANYTHING expected of them? What are your standards of practice? [...]

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  • 3.6 min readPublished On: June 21, 2019

    Onboarding: Is It Causing Retention or Attrition in your Comany?

    Onboarding: Is it causing attrition or retention in your company? Do you know? Do you know how awesome (or not) [...]

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  • 2.9 min readPublished On: February 4, 2019

    Rate Yourself on your Management Skills

    Rate yourself on your management skills, so you'll know what you need to work on prior to going into management [...]

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  • 2.7 min readPublished On: January 28, 2019

    How to Find Out if Management is in your Future–and Prepare

    Here's how to find out if management is in your future--and how to prepare to succeed. ** See my prioritized [...]

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  • 3.3 min readPublished On: October 3, 2018

    Interviewing: What To Do If They Hate the Word Salesperson

    Here's what to do if you're interviewing and the candidate says, "I hate the word 'salesperson'." Ever been interviewing and, [...]

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  • 1.5 min readPublished On: September 12, 2018

    What It Really Costs to Hire an Agent Who Fails

    In the last blog, I named 3 things that bad hiring costs you. [ctt template="3" link="b0MDK" via="yes" ]What does a [...]

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  • 3.6 min readPublished On: April 10, 2018

    What’s Your Perspective on these New Agent Concerns?

    [ctt template="3" link="Izc5p" via="yes" ]Managers: Here are decisions your new agents have made--or will make--in their interview process. You need [...]

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  • 2.3 min readPublished On: February 20, 2017

    Nine Signs Your Manager Must be Fired

    Here are the nine big signs your manager must be fired--and some are obvious--but others are just as important but [...]

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